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Sunday 2 July 2017

The Schizoid Man!

   Curtis “Number Six might be dead, but you and I are in a unique position!”
    No.2 “How do you work that out, things couldn’t be worse, when the General gets to hear about his…….”
    “The General needn’t get to hear about it, not if we use our heads. Number Six is still alive.”
    “But you said he was dead.
    “He’s here now.”
    “Me, I’m him, I’m Number Six.”
    You are?”
    “All you have to do is send me back
    “Send you back where?”
    “I could infiltrate British Military Intelligence, posing as Number Six.”
    “And how are you going to manage that?”
    “I look exactly like him, I have his mannerisms, how he walks and talks, I’ve read his file so I know all about him.”
    “Alright then, why did you resign?”
    “You don’t see that as a hindrance then?”
    “The fact that he resigned.”
    “Ah, perhaps I could tell them I’ve changed my mind.”
    “Tell who?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “That’s the trouble, you don’t know enough.”
    “Perhaps the General could help.”
    “I think you’d be better off remaining here.”
    “As what?”
    “Not what……who, you said it yourself, Number Six.”
    “Just a minute I’m not Number Six!”
    “No but you will be, just a couple of slight amendments.”
    “You can lose that badge for a start, and we’ll have to change that blazer.”
    “I’m not a number, I’m a person.”
    “Excellent Number Twelve, living the part already!”

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