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Friday 28 July 2017


  Do you know how long you have been away Potter?
    Potter, how good it is to hear my name again!
    What do you mean by that?
    Only, well The Village.........
    The Village, what village?
    Don’t you know about The Village Sir Charles?
    Where is this village?
    I don’t know. I was in
Austria, I went to the barber’s shop, I woke up in The Village!
    Where’s Seltzman?
    I lost him.
    You did what?
    I lost him. I had him, he was working in a village in
Austria, Kandersfeld, as a barber. I had him, but well the Colonel was there. We had a fight.
    What was the Colonel doing there?
    I don’t know sir.
    Well Potter, or should I say XB4, you have some explaining to do. Where the devil have you been?
    In The Village, they don’t have names, only numbers.
    Well XB4 you and this village should have dovetailed nicely!
    I was a prisoner there.
    So what are you doing back here?
    I’m working for them, or at least they think I’m working for them. He’s there in The Village.
    That chap who claimed to be ZM73. Only he wasn’t.
    Who was he then?
    The Colonel.
    ZM73 is the Colonel?
    Well he looks like the Colonel, only he isn’t, he was ZM73.
    Who is he now?
    Doctor Jacob Seltzman!
    The Colonel is Doctor Seltzman.
   So what about the Colonel, who’s he?
   Doctor Seltzman, but he’s dead!
   And ZM73?
   He’s back to who he’s supposed to be.
   And you Potter, are you back as you are supposed to be?
   Would I be reporting to you if I were not?
   Potter I have a special assignment for you, one that will take you out into the cold........................

    Sometime later
    Yes it’s been a very pleasant day so far. There we are sir, you can see your face in your shoes. That will be half a crown.
    Busy Potter?!
Be seeing you

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