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Wednesday 12 July 2017


    ZM73 for want of a better name, and it would be wrong to call him the Prisoner just yet on the grounds that he’s not, has resigned, chucked in his job. No doubt he told that chap sat behind the desk what he could do with it, whilst using a few choice words while he was about it. Did that make that pen pushing bureaucrat ZM73’s boss, because I thought that was the Colonel, but then the Colonel keeps changing not as frequent as Number 2, but on the same lines. No, it’s Sir Charles Portland who’s the boss, ZM73 said so, well he thought it to himself, and that makes one wonder why ZM73 handed in his letter of resignation to that petty bureaucrat and not Sir Charles Portland. But then he is nothing but a contrivance for the episode of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ as there was no Colonel for ZM73 to report to after returning home to London. Seeing as he is the Colonel, if only in appearance!
    So ZM73 has been xxxxxxxxxxxx’ed out, he has effectively become an ex-Secret Agent. His card dropped into one of many grey filing cabinets, a warehouse full by the look of it, this one marked RESIGNED. Grey filing cabinets, each one differently assigned, but all filled with information, information, information, it makes one wonder what they do with it all. Who has access to all this information? Is this the resource where The Village administration puts all its information? After all the prime directive of The Village administration seems to be the amassing, and collecting of information. The one piece of information lacking in Number 6’s file is the reason behind his resignation, but once he told them that all the rest would follow, or at least that was the plan. But just as long as Number 6 kept that piece of information to himself he knew that he had told them nothing else. The files he had seen, the projects he had heard about. Not like Roland Walter Dutton, the doctor squeezed every tiny piece of information out of him he could, but still that wasn’t enough. In his experiments to try and extract any further information he took Dutton right to the edge and then pushed him over it. But Dutton didn’t have access to the vital stuff, and yet he paid the price for being expendable. Number 6 is lucky, had he not been seen to have a future with The Village, what happened to Dutton might well have happened to Number 6. As the doctor once demonstrated, he would be prepared to go to any lengths simply to discover Number 6’s breaking point, and in his case the extraction of any information would be considered a bonus!

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