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Friday 28 July 2017

It’s Inexplicable!

    Its inexplicable that Number 86 should confess to Number 6 that she is higher than Number 2 because 2 is second only to one, Number 1 being the boss according to Number 6. Mind you 86 was high on Mytol at the time! But what about Number 6, he’s pretty high up in the rankings but without any power of position. It seems strange to rank a prisoner so highly, when numbers 8 and 9 worked for The Village, and yet they both rank lower than Number 6! Number 1 might be the ace in the hole, but aces in the game can be high or low!
    Number 2 told the Supervisor-Number 26 to put out a general call for Number 86.
    “Number 6 as well?”
    Number 2 “No, he’s safe enough here for the time being.”
    Where is that, where was Number 6 supposed to be “safe enough here for the time being,” after all he’s not in the Green Dome, he’s not even in The Village, he’s in the woods busy hypnotizing Number 86! So what Number 2 said is something of a curious thing to say.

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