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Friday 14 July 2017

Two Times 70

    “He is me.”
    “And I am him”
    70 in THEPRIS6
NER EPISODE ‘Harmony’ is in charge of the Talk Therapy. It is his job to talk to Six, to find out what makes Six Six, to open him up so that they can see the Six inside. But 70 has a shadow 70, “He is me” says 70 “And I am him” 70 adds.
    Doubles, twins, look-a-likes, dress-a-likes, and possible clones appear throughout ‘the Prisoner’ series. The gardener and electrician, the photographer Number 113b, and The Tally Ho vender Number 113c, even Number 6 has a double, even doubles. In ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ when Number 6 is asleep in his bed, one double is seen standing on the balcony of the Green Dome. Then later just before Number 6 is leaving the Green Dome, his double is seen again standing on top of the stone Bandstand. What about Curtis? I’m not counting him, he’s just a look-a-like! But there is Number 1, he’s Number 6, and vice versa. The other thing about identical twins, and doubles, they never meet! Oh Number 113b and his double Number 113c did see each other, but they were not together. And as far as we know the gardener and the electrician are not seen together, certainly not in ‘Arrival’ anyway. Come to think of it, we don’t see either of them again after ‘Arrival!’ It might be that they are two sets of identical twins, or doubles or like Number 6 and Number 1 are the alter egos of each other. But unlike Number 6 and Number 1 they exist together in The Village, having come to terms with each other that they now live in harmony. Perhaps if Number 6 could come to terms with himself, he and his alter ego Number 1 could learn to live with each other, and perhaps achieve peace of mind. Paradoxically I shouldn’t think Number 1 would be too happy to find out he’s been the Prisoner all the time!

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