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Wednesday 26 July 2017

The General

    Report to the General, and how do you think we’re going to manage that?
    Well I don’t mean report to him personally....for Pete’s sake you know what I mean.
    Actually I don’t, but perhaps you have haven’t heard. The General’s blown a fuse, well several fuses actually.
    Well I know he can be a bit volatile, but all the same.........
    You can’t report to The General because he’s been destroyed!
    Ah, that does make things rather tricky.
    The General’s destroyed, the Professor dead, Number 12 of administration dead and Number Two doesn’t know why!
    Why what?
    No, just why.
    What now?
    There’ll have to be a funeral I suppose, and get what remains chucked on the scrap heap!
    That’s what will happen to Number Two.
    I should guard your words carefully if I were you.
    Well Number Two made a mess of it once before, he’s not fit for a second term in office.
    Second term, I thought this was his second term?
    Oh no, it was decided to run two terms consecutively making one, and that makes the headline of The Tally Ho right.
    And Madam Professor?
   What about her?
   Will she be staying? I was going to her art seminar tomorrow.
   Really? I didn’t realize you were artistic.
   Well I dabble. She was going to allow me to paint her in the nude.
   Who was?
   Madam Professor. But she said I could keep my socks on.........well I need somewhere to stick my paint brushes!
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