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Tuesday 4 July 2017

The Village

    The Village is a place where people turn up, people who know too much or too little, a place which has many means of breaking a man. A place of confinement, a prison, an internment camp, a place to put people who cannot be left to roam free. And yet it can be a place of peace, of refuge, a sanctuary, somewhere different, quiet, where a man can think. And yet alone in one’s cottage there is too much time for thinking, time for planning an escape, for now it is time to be free, free of enforced confinement, free of experiments, of conditioning, therapy treatment, human experimentation. And yet there is no escape, ever since the first prisoners arrived in The Village all ways for possible escape have been tried and tested, all resulting in either failure or worse. So give them the information they require and they will take good care of you, for as long as you live. Life in The Village is what you make it, for some it could be an opportunity, for others The Village is a way of life which they have come to accept. It’s a beautiful day, so feel free. Take part, settle down and join in. And while you are doing that wait and bide your time, and when opportunity presents itself take it. Number 6 did, he grasped every opportunity which presented itself to him, little good it did him. A Prisoner? Of course he’s still a prisoner, 50 years on he’s as much a prisoner today as ever he was. But he looks as good as ever he did, better in fact, the man’s not aged a day which is more than can be said of me. Number 6 is still 38 years of age, I was 12 when he first crossed my path, now I’m 62 and just as much a prisoner as he is, a prisoner of ‘the Prisoner.’

Be seeing you

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