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Tuesday 18 September 2012

60 Second Interview With Doris

    No.113 “So Doris.”
    Doris “Yes Sir?”
    “You're the barmaid here at the The Hope & Anchor.”
    “The Thached Barn Sir. What can I get you?”
    “A large single malt please Doris.”
    Doris turns to the optics and gets me a large single malt whisky and places the glass on the bar next to the ten shilling note.
    “One for yourself Doris.”
    “Thank you sir. I'll have a Gin and tonic if I may.”
    “Why did you do it Doris?”
    “Do what sir?”
    “It had to be you, couldn't be anyone else.”
    Doris went to the till, rang up three and sixpence, and returned with my change.
    “I haven't done anything. Look who are you?”
    “A newspaper reporter Doris. And you used the glass with the message on the bottom of said glass "You have just been poisoned."
    “I don't know what you're talking about sir. I think you had better finish your drink and go.”
    “The girl paid you, how much. After all it was you who poisoned Mister X.
Mister X?”
    “One of your regulars Doris, he was here not so long ago. Rain coat, white flat cap. Suit, blue shirt, gold coloured tie.”
    “Yes... I know him.”
    “You have a peculiar taste in dresses Doris.”
    “Look I don't know what your game is......”
    “Oh it's no game Doris. And it was only due to that cocktail of drinks that saved his life you know. If it hadn't worked, well that would have been ..... murder!”
    “Yes, and I'm still waiting for him to settle his bar bill!”
    “Then I think you'll be waiting some time. Think yourself lucky Doris” drained the glass and picking up my change departed the bar of the Thatched Barn.

Reporter No.113
Photographer No.113b

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