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Saturday 29 September 2012

The Therapy Zone

    The Embryo Room, I'm sure it didn’t just exist just for this session of 'Degree Absolute' that we witness in
Once Upon A Time.' It makes wonder how many other ‘Ages of Man’ have been relived from the cradle to the 
grave in that time locked room? I suppose it all all depends upon how many individuals survived the previous
tests in order to make it into the Embryo Room in the first place doesn’t it?

“We Shall Need The Body As Evidence!”
   Evidence, for what? Oh we know what happened during 'Fall Out,' No.2's body was resuscitated and he became like a "new man." But 'Once Upon A Time' was produced long before the idea of 'Fall Out' came along. So originally at the end of 'Once Upon A Time,' when the episode was to have stood alone, amid the other 15 episodes, No.2 would have actually died and what then for No.6? Was he simply to have been returned to the Village and the cell being his cottage? Most probably, yes.
   But as it stands why the need of the body for evidence? Simply to show that Number 6 turned out to be the better man?

A Matter of Resignation
   Having escaped the confines of The Village, or at least he thinks he has, he arrives in an office he knows very well, and in that office he is confronted by the Colonel who sets about debriefing the Prisoner. "The night is young and there are many questions First why did you resign?"
    The Colonel has been brought to the village in order to question and thoroughly de-brief the Prisoner-No.6, the Colonel has become akin to No.2 if you like. But I never have understood the Colonel's peristence over the Prisoner's resignation. Surely the Colonel had read the Prisoner's letter he left with that balding man in the office during the opening sequence, and if he had he must surely know the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation, and so doing could tell No.2 why the Prisoner resigned without all this complicated plot, which failed anyway. All the Colonel had to do was walk into No.2's office and show him the Prisoner's letter of resignation, then they could move on and use that reason against the Prisoner himself!

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