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Sunday 9 September 2012

Teabreak Teaser

    Number 8, pictured here with Number 6, wanted to help Number 6 with his plan, if it's a good one. Later she is hypnotized into believing she is in love with Number 6, and he with her. She was given a reaction transmitter, which tied her into the alarm system. What do you think happened to Number 8? After all the last we see of her is when she and Number 6 are down by the beach together.



  1. Hi David,

    it's an interesting question. Taking into consideration that Number 8 was willing to escape the village perhaps wanted to punish or at least control her. So leaving her in this state of unfullfilled love would be cruel, but worth a second thought.. wouldn't it?

    Kind regards!

    1. Hi Jana,

      Yes, you are right, quite right. When you consider that the doctor-Number 22, is so unfeeling towards her patients, that she can adapt experiemnts conducted on animals to human experimentation, I'm sure she wouldn't think twice about leaving Number 8 in her hypnotised state of mind. Unfulfilled love, the cruelest cut of all!

      Enjoy the day.
      Kind regards