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Tuesday 25 September 2012

The Therapy Zone

Man Of Mystery Who Simply Wasn't There!

   John Maxim, who is credited in the cast of ‘Once Upon A Time’ as No.86, but who doesn't actually appear in the completed episode. Perhaps his scene was never filmed, or was cut, and ended up on the cutting room floor! But the mystery has always remained, and can never be answered, why is John Maxim still credited as No.86 when he doesn't appear in the episode?

Once Upon A Time And The Unfair Treatment Of Number 6
   No.6 "I Appeal my Lord!"
   No.2-Judge "Appeal, You're getting the same treatment!"
   No.6 "I appeal against unfair treatment!"
   No.2-Judge "You're getting the same treatment as everybody else!"
   No.6 "I, I know. That's why I'm going to appeal against unfair treatment!"

    No.6, being unfairly treated, when he's getting the same treatment as everybody else. It seems to me that No.6 sets himself up very highly, even to the point of putting himself above everyone else. What's more No.6 was rebelling against the figures, he shouted enough to that very effect. Well perhaps that's the part of Patrick McGoohan's life where got fed up working in a Bank, as he once did.

Things To Do Today
   These are the words written on the Prisoner's desk pad. Now who do you think would be sending the Prisoner flowers? This image was taken from the episode of Arrival, and the only person who might very well send flowers to the Prisoner would be his fiancee Janet Portland. Ah, but then Janet Portland wasn't written into the Prisoner until the episode ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ by Vincent Tilsley. At the time of the writing of the script for Arrival written by George Markstein and David Tomblin, Janet Portland had never been thought of, let alone the Prisoner having a fiancé. So I just wonder who had been sending the Prisoner flowers? It must have been someone he knew, someone close to him to warrant the sending of a thank you note. This is one of the enigmas of ‘the Prisoner’ that can never be answered, something we can live without knowing, but at the same time something to speculate about in a quiet moment.

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