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Wednesday 19 September 2012

What's That No.6 Up To?

    Its only a month to the "Village Handicap Stakes" and the Jockeys have been putting the horses through their paces along the South Downs. My photographic colleague Number 113b managed to take the accompanying photographs with his long range telephoto lens.

      Pictured here on the South Downs are Silver Blaze, Shropshire Lad, Prancing Dandy and Penny Farthing. Alone on the Downs is the favourite Lotus Lad ridden by No.6, who hopes to win the prize of 2,000 Work Units together with the trophy for the "Village Handicap Stakes," the handicap being hog tied to your horse!
   Those citizens who fancy a flutter can place a bet with the Village Book Makers friend;

Runners           Odds
Penny Farthing 30/1
Silver Blaze      10/2
Shropshire Lad 33/1
Prancing Dandy 11/2
Lotus Boy         7/1 {Favourite}
Big Bill              100/1
The General      15/2
Schizoid Man     8/2
Checkmate        Evens


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