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Friday 28 September 2012

The Therapy Zone

The spectre of The Dance
   No.2 was seen on the telephone to, presumably No.1, and made the comment that she wished you could come too. So presumably No.1, or whoever it was, had made the wish that he could be there at the ball in the evening.
    Now if we take the premise of ‘Fall Out,’ that No.6 and No.1 are one and the same person, the one alter ego of the other, then surely No.1 did actually attend the Ball in the Town Hall that evening of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ and here he is walking, when he should be dancing along with little Bo-Peep. Whether or not this stands up is one thing, another would be that whoever the Prisoner is, he never allows himself to relax and enjoy himself!
Be seeing you, at the dance perhaps.

The Prisoner
   Given No.6's unusual qualities and the extent of his knowledge, especially about The Village, it's very existence and location. It is therefore not surprising then that it is necessary that he should be held in a place of confinement, and not be allowed to roam free after his sudden resignation. Such a person is extremely dangerous to the security of both the Nation and The Village. That’s why he had to be brought back to the Village, the knowledge of the Village keeping him prisoner!

The Prisoner And Me
    I watch the whole the Prisoner series once a year, and the odd single episode once in a while. But these days I mostly write about the series, well there's hardly a day goes by when I don't write something about the series, regular readers of my blog here can vouch for that. A good few years back now an old, old acquaintance once said that, "Everything that can be written about the Prisoner has been written." Well a decade or so on, and I'm still finding new things to write about ‘the Prisoner’ series, so I've been happy to prove him wrong.
   I don't collect Prisoner merchandise so much these days, well there’s not so much merchandise which is produced these days. However I do keep an open surveillance eye open for any memorabilia to do with the series.
    I no longer go to Prisoner Conventions. I'm not a member of any Prisoner related group or society, as I no longer feel the need to be. And yet I am happy to discuss ‘the Prisoner’ with many people around the world, and they are happy to discuss the subject with me. For ‘the Prisoner’ is as much part of my life as it has always been, perhaps more so, since the day I heard that first crack of thunder over 45 years ago.
   Through a 4 year in-depth study of ‘the Prisoner’ series I have arrived at an understanding which suits me, although it probably wouldn't suit you. Oh I can give explanations, interpretations, answer questions. But in the end we must all, each and everyone of us, arrive at our own unique understanding of an outstanding television series. But having said that, no-one has to understand anything about the Prisoner and his Village. Just sit back and enjoy, and sometimes I just do that. But ‘the Prisoner’ never lets go, he's always there taunting me with this or that when something I see in the series pops into my head, I just have to write about it. That's why I'm a prisoner!

Be seeing you

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