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Saturday 22 September 2012

Caught On Camera

   I've no idea who this chap in, who is following Frank Maher down the steps in 'Hammer Into  Anvil, but I know it isn't actor Basil Hoskins-Number 14, because as far as I'm aware Basil Hsokins never went to Portmeirion.
  Yes, this chap is dressed as Number 14, and in the dull lighting, he's passable for Basil Hoskins, it's just a pity about the badge! The badge pinned to this chap's lapel is of the negative type, a whte Penny Farthing on a black background. Basil Hoskins as Number 14 wears a possitive badge, a black Penny Farthing on a white background.
   Even between those scenes filmed on location, and the scenes filmed on set in the studio, there still has to be continuity!

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