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Wednesday 19 September 2012

The Therapy Zone

    "They’re not Going To Shoot You,They’re Going Blow You Up!"

    And part of that plan to assassinate/execute the retiring No.2 was to get No.6 involved. A matter of credibility, without which the plan might backfire. Well was involved, and the plan did backfire, didn't it?
    But No.6 is a cautious Man, even if caution in a Man like him seems so wrong. But why pick on No.6 in the first place? I'd have thought to involve No.6 in any plan, would be tantamount to failure! No.1, along with this blonde haired interim No.2, must be of the opinion that No.6's word reputation counts for something amongst the citizens. However we all know what No.6 is like, he doesn't settle down, he doesn't join in, unless it's suits his own purpose to do so, so why this sudden change of heart, why should he care what happens to the citizens of the village?
    However, No.6 is not averse to passing up any opportunity, whatever that opportunity might be, wherever it might be. So he turns the full strength of his skill, together with his resourcefulness upon the problem of averting the assassination of No.2.
    But which No.2? Because when No.6 heads for the Green dome in order to warn No.2 of the assassination plan against him, he doesn't even recognise the elderly gentleman who is occupying No.2's office.
   No.6 "I  to see No.2."
   "I am No.2. don't tell me, You've come to tell me there's a plot against my life, haven't you."
    No.6 is confused, he has reported only one plot, yet here he is, reporting the same thing on at least three separate occasions. No.6 is a Jammer! It's no wonder No.2 had doubts about this Man's warning.
    But having involved No.6 from the very beginning, must have been a calculated risk. For No.6 does not assign his loyalties to anyone, or anything other than himself. Why should No.6 want to save the Watchmaker? Who is the Watchmaker to him? But No.6 does save the Watchmaker, and the innocent citizens from mass reprisals which would otherwise have been carried out against them for the assassination of the retiring No.2. So why not go one further, and in seizing the radio detonator for the explosive devise hidden in the Seal of Office, and put a few demands forward of his own. Indeed to take the position of No.2 himself? escape? No, there was no chance for No.6 to escape, not even for No.2!
   Mind you, think of the mess. I mean, although that Great seal of Office was to have been detonated after it had been placed about No.2's head and shoulders. I mean, the compacted balcony, all those people standing close to one another, and then the explosion...... blood and guts would have been everywhere. And surely there would have been more casualties than just one assassinated No.2... perhaps even his heir presumptive to be. After all, they had been standing next to each other!
   Mark this, and mark it well. If you have a plan, any plan, and you want it to succeed. Don't, under any circumstances, involve No.6 in any way!

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