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Saturday 29 September 2012

Page 6

   When he was 'Danger Man' John Drake, Patrick McGoohan was used to taking on a variety of different guises. A school teacher who has sufferd a breakdown. A lecturer with a drink problem. A white slave trader. An airline steward with a drink problem. A writer. A clerk. A journalist. A radio disc jockey. An insurance investigator to name but a few. So here on Page 6 we are happy to bring you the Prisoner known as Number 6 a he appears in a variety of guises.




     From supposed abducted secret agent, to a prisoner dressed in regalia more acustomed to Henley boating regatta, to an abducted supposed secret agent in Paris! From a Top Hat Administrative figure to a Projectionist, as himself, and as someone who looks like him, his own doppleganger. Posing as a doctor, and this next guise is a particularly clever one, the Prisoner in the guise of the Colonel, or perhaps that should be the other way round. A town Sheriff, well all boys like to play cowboys and indians, girls like to as well. Next up is John Drake Mister X, although he looks like John Drake in that raincoat and flat cap. And then we come to the real Mister X, who poses as a soldier of Revolutinary France, and a cricket player, though not necessarily in that order. And finally the mad Monk, or I should say Number 1.

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