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Friday 21 September 2012

Danger Man - "Vendetta For A Dead Friend"

     I've just watched this 20 minute video, a fan film tribute to the ITC series Danger Man based upon an original story (but unfilmed) by Philip Broadley.

 <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

   I did enjoy it, and congratulations to everyone involved in making the video. And I was pleased to see that actor Patrick Freeman had absorbed some of Drake's mannerisms into the role. And Chambers? Is that the same Chambers late of the Foreign Office, as mentioned in 'Arrival' of 'the Prisoner?' Certainly there was Admiral Hobbs, although the actor put me more in mind of the character Gortan of 'Don't Nail Him yet' played by Raymond Adamson. And mentioned is Bill Vincent of 'To Our Best Friend,' as well as seeing his file. So with these connections, I'm presuming that the original story was intended as a fifty minute episode, rather than twenty-five minutes. However, I can see why 'Vendetta For A Dead Friend' was never filmed as part of the 'Danger Man' series, as there isn't a great deal of action, and the storyline isn't one of the most inspirational, and twenty minutes is about the right length. Having said that, this video does really have the look and feel of 'Danger Man.' and I recommend any fan of 'Danger Man' reading this, to watch the Video for themselves.

I'm obliged.

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