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Thursday 13 September 2012

The Therapy Zone

Fall Out

Attire Village garb
White cowl and black and white mask
Charcoal grey two piece suit, black polo shirt, elasticised black boots
    Having survived the ultimate test, the prisoner known as Number 6 is taken to meet Number 1.
    He is stripped of his village attire of piped blazer, and goes to face whatever there is to face, as himself! Reunited with his own suit of clothes.
    In a cavern he is presented to the president and given the title of ‘Sir’.
    Having survived the ultimate test he is no longer to be referred to as number 6 or as a number of any kind. And in so doing, Number 6 has now ceased to exist.
   He has vindicated the right of the individual to be individual.
   He is the only individual.
   He is sat in the chair of honour to witness the forthcoming proceedings.
   He is to face his inauguration at some point, to formally establish him as a new leader in office.
   Sir sits quietly through the proceedings, saying little simply noting them.
He sits as the butler stands at his side, strange how sir over the past year has constantly rejected the village, but how easily he accepts the butler.
    Sir is a revolutionary of a different calibre, he has revolted, resisted, fought, held fast, maintained, destroyed resistance, overcome coercion, the right to be person, someone or individual.
    A man of steel, magnificently equipped to lead the village and its citizens.
   He is pure.
   He knows the way.
   His revolt is good and honest.
   They applaud his private war, indeed his rebellion seems to have been met with the approval of both the President and the assembly.
   He sees all….. in the crystal ball perhaps!
And all about him is his, in fact he is given the choice to lead them or go!
Sir is free to go anywhere, if he chooses to do so.
Or to stay and lead them, to show ‘them’ the way
He is the greatest!
    His house as well as his car are being made ready for him back in London, he is given the key to his house, a passport valid for anywhere. Traveller’s cheques a million and a purse string full of petty cash.
   Sir is now somewhat rich, how is he able to refuse such generosity?
   Sir is urged by the president to remember them, not to forget them, but to keep them in mind.
    Given the chance to address the assembly, to make a statement which could only be his, but for ‘them’, in reality this is his chance to tell them {the village authorities} exactly what he thinks of them. He begins, but each time he is shouted down by the ‘aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye chanting of the delegates, or is it I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I?
  However, never a man to give up, sir strains and shouts in order to try and make himself heard over the uproar of the delegates.
   “I feel that despite the devolution of the pound, never the less……”
    “I feel a sad case, imprison people’s minds…….”
    His final three words can be lip read………………… “I’m pissed off!”
    Sir does eventually get to meet number 1, who offers him a crystal ball in order to show him his future. Accepting with some reverence the crystal ball, sir sees for himself his future as……….. A Prisoner!
   Rejecting this his future as a prisoner, by allowing the crystal ball to drop from his hands onto the floor, splintering into a thousand splinters of glass and then by unmasking the number 1 only to find out that Number 1 is…… himself!
   He like so many of us, does not have any desire to be Number 1.
   As he first tears off the black and white mask followed by the ape mask he stares back into the face of himself! His alter ego or other self if you prefer, perhaps his exact twin, clone, doppelganger or maybe even Curtis!
One thing is for certain, sir is not taken aback at who he has revealed to be number 1, he doesn’t even appear to be slightly surprised.
What he would have done to number 1 if he had caught him, may never be known. But certainly sir does set in motion the countdown of the rocket and in doing so sets number 1 upon his trip into orbit, sealed in the nose cone as he was.
So the prisoner - Number 6 was Number 1 all the time, and if Number 1 was Number 6’s alter ego as suggested, could Number 6 himself survive without Number 1?
    Sir then sets in motion ‘violent and bloody revolution’, aided by his three confederates, an ex Number 2, Number 48 and myself of course. And during this bloody and violent revolution he kills, like he had never been able to kill before!
   Now is the time for…………. escape!
    Escape at last, back to London and to his house of No 1 Buckingham Place, Westminster. But there are many miles between the village situated on the south west coast of Portugal, and London England. Three countries to cross and their customs to go through, not to mention again at Calais and Dover!
    Sir is the only one of the intrepid four to have any kind of papers, a passport valid for anywhere. But he does have contacts, contacts like his old friend Mr Gomez who have been of help to him in the past or whom he has helped during his secret confidential work for M9. He also has 1 million worth of travellers cheques, some of which would go a long way in paying for false papers for his three comrades, papers which would be good enough to see them through various custom checks at boarders.
As for their strange mode of transport, some quick talking would see them clear customs.
    Sir is twice accosted by a police constable, the first time when the Scammell transporter is pulled over on the Thames embankment by a motor cycle patrol officer. Sir makes some brief explanation or other, before walking off. Then the same constable catches up with him opposite the houses of parliament, that’s when sir tries to explain about the Village and the rocket, crouching on the pavement and then leaping into the air to demonstrate the rocket. Pointing to across the road to the houses of parliament, telling the constable that a man has just gone in through the Peers entrance, a man who can who can explain everything. That’s right in there, with a pat on the constables shoulder.
    As sir and myself walk along Buckingham Place, a difficult moment follows as a black hearse drives slowly passed, but this time it is a false alarm, as my master climbs into his Lotus 7 and drives off, merging into the busy London traffic.
    But is he really free?
   So having just escaped and returned to his home in London, where is it that he drives off to in such a hurry?
   Where does he go, he must have gone somewhere and why?
The last we see of my master is behind the wheel of his Lotus, speeding along a long and deserted highway, his face set in a grimace, a look of purposeful determination.
So for the prisoner it begins all over again……………..... as indeed it must for all of us!

Number 1
Height…. 6feet 3 inches
Weight… 185 lbs {approx}
Hair……. Light brown
Age…….  40
Nationality…. unknown
Attire white cowled robe, a black and white mask, monkey mask
    At last the identity of Number 1 is revealed.
He is the exact double of Number 6, his alter ego, twin, doppelganger, clone or maybe even Curtis {who possibly hadn’t died}.
   The identity might be questionable, however one thing is certain, number 1 is off balance mentally, a psychotic maniac.
   He has a maniacal laugh
   Solely responsible for the village and its citizens
   He shows sir his future in the crystal ball
   Number 1 hides behind a mask, first black and white, then of an ape.
    The fate of number 1 was to be sealed in the nose cone of the rocket and launched into the vast coldness of space.
What his fate was after that is a mystery, he could have regained control of the rocket to make successful re-entry into earth’s atmosphere.
    The rocket would have achieved a low Earth orbit, to stay there until either number 1’s air ran out of the rocket re entered Earths atmosphere and burned up. Either would and result in the death of number 1.
Even if number 1 was able to achieve a successful re entry into Earths atmosphere, the Blue Streak rocket was not designed to withstand impact with solid ground, nor had it the capability of landing. Splashdown would be possible, if number 1 could guide the rocket successfully over an area of sea/ocean in order to achieve splashdown. And if he could there is the question of his survival, which would be extremely doubtful.
     So if Number 1 was the alter ego of Number 6, could Number 6 now survive without him?

The Butler
    Well he is the not cleaver one? Because there is more to me than meets the eye, but then you had already guessed that hadn’t you?
   Well it had to be really otherwise he wouldn’t have had that key to the ‘WELL COME’ door would, which of course means that he knew about the cavern beyond and what was about to take place there, that the steel cage of the embryo room had been lowered down onto the trailer of the Scammell Highwayman transporter and the existence of that lorry, not to mention the existence of that tunnel.
   So he knew a way out of the village all along! And how easily he would be taken by his new master so easily and without question, indeed just as I have always done.
   He directed my new master up the steel spiral staircase in order to meet with Number 1, and afterwards I fought by my masters side during the bloody and violent revolution, driving the Scammell Highwayman out of the cavern, along that tunnel, smashing through the gates at the end, along the road and away from the village.
    The journey back to London England, was a long one, not six months but long enough, well where did you think the end of that tunnel came out? Certainly not the A20 to London, I can tell you that, some ‘B’ road or other, I can tell you that!
   And then there was all the explaining that had to be done to the custom officials, not only at the Portugal/Spanish boarder, but Spanish/France and then again at Calais and Dover.
   The custom officials didn’t know what to make of our strange mode of transport, and it took some quick talking by my master, together with a diplomatic word from the ex Number 2, in order to see us pass through boarder customs and check points without too much difficulty.
     Only my master had any kind of papers to begin with, his passport valid for anywhere!
    However my master was able to call upon one or two of his old contacts which he had made during his secret and confidential work, Mr Gomez for one, supplying three sets of false papers, at a price mind you.
    Having dropped off the hippie somewhere along the A20, then waved farewell to the ex number 2, my master and I make a run for a Number 59 bus.
    Then returning to Buckingham Place, I waved my master off and as the door to Number 1 opens automatically for me, I pass over the threshold entering my new home.
     How long my stay is to be remains to be seen, as I have to prepare two suitcases for my master, who will be going away immediately upon his return.

The supervisor Number 28 {Delegate}
    Not only is this man a more than capable supervisor, able to oversee the day to day running of the village, but is also one of the delegates as he takes his place amongst the centre benches.
A true citizen of the Village and a man of the establishment
    He escorts sir to the cavern, telling sir on the way that “We thought he would feel happier as himself.”
   It is quite obvious that the supervisor Number 28 was more in the know of things, than was Number 2 himself. Otherwise how would he have known about taking sir to meet Number 1, and he was one of the delegates, as Number 2 was clearly not.
    So it appears that this supervisor is higher in ranking to Number 2, at least here during the deliberations in the cavern.
   Possibly he was one of the lucky ones, managing to find a place aboard one of the departing helicopters!

Delegate Number 93 – {the former Number 256}
Height…. 6 feet {approx}
Weight….200 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. grizzled with a full beard
Age…….. Mid to late 40’s
Nationality…. English speaking
Attire village grab underneath a white cowled robe and black and whit face mask
    First this man was a school prefect Number 256, later he was classified as being ‘Unmutaul’, who stood at the rostrum in the foyer of the Town Hall and confessed….. ‘their right of course, quite right, I’m inadequate, inadequate……… and so on. He appears to have risen through the ranks for his confession, so much so that has seen himself rise to the position of being a delegate for ‘Activists’, for it is he who reads the charge against Number 48 and with a great deal of conviction I might add.
His survival is unclear, it is possible that he lays amongst the dead somewhere.

The President {former Number 2}
Height…. 5feet 6 inches {approx}
Weight…. 54 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. Greying, thinning
Age……… fifties {approx}
Nationality… English speaking
Attire scarlet robes and wig
    We have seen this man before, he has held the position of number 2 and has apparently now been brought back to oversee the deliberations of the assembly and given the title of ‘President’. However, dressed in his scarlet robes and shoulder length wig, he resemblance is more to that of a judge than a president.
In France their Judges are called ‘President!’
    He keeps the assembly in order.
Drawing their attention to the regrettable bullet, but the community is at stake and we have the means to protect it.
He is articulate in his speech.
    He understands that Number 6 has survived the ultimate test, and so therefore he is no longer to be referred to as Number 6 or as a number of any kind.
   He sees that has gloriously vindicated the right of the individual to be individual.
   That sir is pure, that he knows the way, show us, his revolt has been good and honest.
   He applauds his private war.
   He offers sir the chance to lead them or go, offering him his freedom in fact, but at the same time sees sir as being magnificently equipped to lead them!
   He pleads sir to make a statement that could only be his, but for us.
Remember us, don’t forget us keep us in mind. {In this the president gives a singular clue!}.
    The President gives sir the chance to address the assembly, knowing full well that sir will not be allowed to be heard by the delegates, that he will be shouted down.
    He introduces Number 48 as youth with its enthusiasm, which rebels against any accepted norm because it must but sympathising at the same time. But when the common good it threatened, when the function of society is endangered, such revolts must cease. They are non productive and must be abolished!
   He dearly wants to know why Number 48 was first with them and why he went and gone?
  With the late Number 2, he accuses him of once being a successful, secure member of the establishment, which he has turned upon and bitten the hand that feeds him!
  The President denounces such attitudes, as being dangerous, contributing nothing to our culture and are to be stamped out!
   He is unable to answer a straight forward question of Number 2, saying that there have to be some security secrets that are kept from a late Number 2.
Is that a cop out or what?
    There is something of the paranormal, something unexplainable about the President, for when he looks into the green light emanating from the electronic eye together with the piercing sound, he is able to understand what message number 1 is sending out.
    It is the president who initiates the order to evacuate the village, but his own survival is unclear as he is last seen running out of the cavern, along the passage way along with other panic stricken citizens, frogmen alike!

Number 48
Height…. 5 feet 10 inches {approx}
Weight….150 lbs {approx}
Hair……...Light brown
Age………Late twenties {approx}
Attire black military tunic, black top hat {a rose in its band}, black trousers, whiet frilled shirt, white shoes and a bell about his neck
White cowl and black and white mask
    This young man was here then he went and gone! Suggesting that he was the former Number 8. But surely Number 8 died, having committed suicide in the Silver Dollar Saloon. But of course it’s possible that Number 8 could have been resuscitated like the ‘late’ Number 2 of ‘Once upon A Time,’ yet it seem highly unlikely.
   Yet something went wrong or right with this young man, depending how you look at it. He has seen what is wrong with the community known as the village, wanting no further part of it.
Some might say he is to be commended, others would say condemned!
    Number 48 has recently shown total defiance of the elementary laws which sustain our community. Questioning the decisions of those who govern us, unhealthy aspects of speech and dress, not in accordance with general practise, and the refusal to observe, wear or respond to his number!
    Given the chance to plead his case, Number 48 creates mayhem and pandemonium throughout the cavern as he sings ‘Dem Bones’.
Probably revolted against the village because all it does is take, takes all you want, take, take, take, take, take.
    Outside the Village this young man would be a rebel without a cause, uncoordinated youth, rebelling against nothing it can define. But here in the village, it is a different kettle of fish! Not a threat to the Village, simply unproductive.
    After being given the chance to plead his case, Number 48 is to be held in a place of sentence, until after sir’s inauguration, that place of sentence being a clear Perspex ‘orbit 48’ tube, this inside the rocket. So was Number 48 to share the same fate as the ex Number 2, sent off into orbit to die or have his life preserved?
He willingly joins in the blood bath of rebellion, finally escaping the confines of the Village along with myself and confederates.
    The last we see of this young man, is when he is trying to thumb a lift on the A20, first in one direction and then the other, running across the carriage way and central reservation.
   It seems unimportant the direction this young man takes, it is only the journey itself that matters.

A ‘late’ Number 2
Usual Village attire
Later attire black bowler hat, three piece business suit, white shirt, black tie, black shoes. A white carnation in the button hole
   Since when did this man “bite the hand that feeds?” Because the last time we saw him was in the Embryo Room putting his sanity, his very life on the line for the cause.
    This man is not even allowed to rest in peace, he is resuscitated. Not only that but his appearance is altered slightly, indeed he feels like a new man!
Gone is the black hair and goatee beard, short cropped and dyed light brown, as is his well trimmed moustache!
    This man is or was a successful and secure member of the establishment, who in the end turns upon the hand that feeds him!
   A man who in the past wielded a not inconsiderable power, indeed he has had the ear of statesmen, kings and princes of many lands.
    He has had the power to sway governments, polices have been defined by him and revolutions nipped in the bud, at a word from him in the right place and at a propitious time.
    This would indicate some link, or position with the foreign office.
It is not at all surprising then that this community of the village should find a use for him, that not altogether by accident that one day he should be abducted, to wake up amongst them.
    So even this particular Number 2 was abducted to the Village and did not come here of his own fee will, that he himself was once a prisoner. The fact that he resisted for so short a time, is something in the end that he finds so deplorable.
   So this Number 2 was put through as much as any prisoner before him and since. But he is a man of little resistance, both mentally and physically, he would be able to see the benefits of the other side. Having been abducted, stripped of the power of his former life, giving in to the village would achieve two things, first the pain would stop and secondly he could see a use for his talents and the possibility of his rise in power.
   Number 2 is a man who is quick to see an opportunity and to act upon it.
    As they couldn’t let him rest in peace, the ‘late’ Number 2 demands how it was done…. Was it the wine?
But there has to be some security secrets, even from a ‘late’ Number 2!
    We see a different side to this Number 2’s character, once a successful, secure member of the establishment, the recognition of his talent saw him rise to a position of power, second only to 1.
   This man’s rebellion against the Village, would be most dangerous of the community, when considering his place and status of power.
   After his resuscitation, Number 2 finds that all is not as it was, he no longer has the loyalty of myself, such is the price of fame and failure. How sad!
But like Number 6, his sense of humour is strong and unimpaired, his raucous laugh is as loud as ever and at first can see the funny side of his situation;
    “A strange thing happened to me, on my way here, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”
    Like Number 48 before him, he is given the opportunity to address the assembly.
   But now he becomes defiant of the authority of the Village, he transgresses by giving whoever, whatever Number 1 is a stare!
    Told that for such a transgression that he will die, then he will die with his own mind. He will be hypnotised no longer!
    He is to be held in place of sentence until after sir’s inauguration, the place of sentence being in a clear Perspex ‘orbit 2’ tube inside the rocket. But even sealed inside the orbit tube, this ex number 2 does not lose his sense of humour, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
    So was this ex-Number 2 to suffer the same fate as Number 48, to be flown into orbit in the rocket, to be left there to die or have his life preserved?
Later he becomes a more than willing revolutionary, joining in the revolt and bloody battle.
    Having escaped the village, his diplomatic powers would be of great value when dealing with the customs authorities at the Portugal/Spain boarder, Spain/France boarders and again at Calais and Dover.
Then having returned to London with his three comrades, he leaves the sir to deal with the police constable and heads off along the Thames embankment, back to Westminster and the houses of Parliament.
   The houses of Parliament, where dressed in his business suit, bowler hat etc, this ex number 2 boldly enters through the Peers entrance. This is a seat of power at which he seems more than comfortable with and more than happy to enter. And in so doing he has returned, a secure member of the establishment once more, even though he may have some explaining to do!

The Delegates
Attire white cowled robes with black and white face masks
Each delegate sitting in three rows of benches, represents a different department of the village, of society;
Health-Security-Rehabilitation-Education-Old Folk-Unmutuals-Unitarians-Committee-Transportation-Entertainment-Reactionists-Recreation-Anachists-Identification-Defectors-Therapy-Nationalists-Activists-Youngsters-Pacifists-Wealfare
    These are those faceless men and women, faceless bureaucrats who govern us so wisely in the village, or society as a whole, each representing a section of our community.

Security Guards
Attire blue/grey overalls, white helmets gloves boots, dark glasses
Armed with machine guns
    It was only the number of armed security guards who died in the gun battle, who died trying to protect the community.

Medics and Surgeons
Attire green surgical gowns, cap, masks and white boots
    They not only resuscitate number 2, but also change the man’s appearance!
There is a question of timing here, did the medical team have given time to resuscitate number 2? Because unless revived within two minutes, brain damage occurs!

6 frogmen, attire grey wet suits, goggles
    Why the frogmen? They in themselves are something of an enigma, much like the prisoner really!
Perhaps they were pot holer’s, who had got lost and were simply caught up in the evacuation.

Be seeing you

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