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Tuesday 11 September 2012

The Therapy Zone

The Girl Who Was Death

Number 2
Height…. 5 feet 6 inches {approx}
Weight….154 lbs {approx}
Hair……..thinning, greying combed in the manner of Napoleon Bonaparte
Age…….Fifties {approx}
Nationality…. German…….. Welsh
Chief Administrator
Chairman of the village
    Attire dark blue and red long tailed coat, white shirt and waistcoat, white breeches and black boots, a French Napoleonic uniform
Black double breasted blazer, dark grey trousers, grey polo neck jersey with the old school scarf wrapped about his neck and carrying a furled umbrella shooting stick
    Professor Schnipps, a mad scientist bent upon the destruction of London.
    Three factors go to prove the man’s madness, first the fact that he has built his rocket up inside a lighthouse and secondly he describes how his daughter will be taking over Bond Street and how his men can have Chelsea Barracks. Not only that but he offers the Scottish Marshal Wembley Stadium. All this once London lies in ruins. And thirdly he is dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte!!!!
    So if London lies in ruins, how exactly can his daughter be given Bond Street, his men be given Chelsea Barracks and the Scottish Marshall Wembley soccer stadium? Unless of course the rockets war head is not nuclear, or thousands of pounds of TNT, but a Neutron bomb, which would kill the population but leave the buildings standing. Ah but then London wouldn’t be lying in ruins would it?
                             Oh the hole things madness anyway!!!!!!
   He sees himself as an extraordinary man and cleaver with it.
   However there is a fine line between genius and madman!
   His ego is almost as big as his rocket!
   He had been married, Josephine his wife had been a cavalry office, who died during her last cavalry charge.
    Apparently he was a great man, but the war ended before he was recognised. We can take it that this is World War 2, and that he was working on the Germans rocket programs of the V1 and V2, not to mention the super rocket which would have the range to reach New York City on the east coast of America. Certainly this would be from 1943 onwards, but more probably earlier than this, perhaps even before the war began. This then would account for his ability to build such a rocket to destroy London, and for the past twenty six years.
    In his maddened delusion, his fixation with destroying London over the past twenty six years, could certainly have a bearing on the failure of the German Reich to destroy London with their V1’S and V2’s, and being the unrecognised man that he was, now wishes to prove himself and finish what others could not manage to do during the war.
    Schnipps had always taught his daughter to be calm and methodical, but obviously he has learned nothing from his own teachings, because he left the packing of the files until the last moment and even then forgot to turn the gas off!!!!
He is a man of great determination and one who is obviously completely crazy, but not without his comical moments.
    It appears that he has contacts with gun runners, and not very good ones it seems, as much of the guns and weapons in his possession have been left over from the second world war. Or perhaps these are weapons which he siphoned off at the time into his own personal arsenal.
Number 2 has to gain some information from the prisoner Number 6. But there is no use of drugs this time around, his plan is far more subtle than that, simply for number 6 to tell a story to the children in the nursery, and perhaps he would open to then in a way he wouldn’t under normal interrogation, that he might drop his guard with children and in so doing give something away about himself.
So this particular Number 2 is not adverse to using children in order to achieve his ends. A rather thin idea, but it was worth a try.
    How long this particular Number 2 has been his position in the village is not known but certainly he has had previous dealings with number 6, enough for him to be put squarely into Number 6’s story as the villain of the peace!
    In the story he has been depicted as crazy Scientist, is this how he is being seen, as being crazy?
    He certainly doesn’t show any such tendencies; certainly he shows his anger and frustration at his own failure, or the failure of Number 6 not dropping his guard with children. Either way he has like so many before him, underestimated the prisoner.
   “He wouldn’t drop his guard with his own grandmother!” barks Number 2.
No number 2 is not crazy, just guilty of underestimating the prisoner like so many before him that is all. Yet perhaps he has an alter ego in the character of Professor Schnipps, as both can be seen as ‘bumbling!’

Number 10
Height….5 feet 2 inches {approx}
Weight….112 lbs {approx}
Age…….. mid twenties {approx}
Hair…….. blonde
Nationality…. English speaking, probably German
Her name is death
    Attire white wide brimmed hat decorated with Lilly of the valley, a white lace mini dress with split sleeves, white sling back shoes and a white parasol.
     A wide floppy brimmed hat, PVC raincoat, white gloves and white boots and extra large white earrings
    Short bath robe, white boots and a white sou’wester hat
    A plain white sleeve less mini dress over laid with sheer white netting, high heeled sling back shoes and over large earrings, black lace shawl
    White mini raincoat and white crash helmet
    White denim jeans with matching white denim tunic, a white Imperial Prussian Picklehaugen helmet, complete with spike and crest. White boots and white flying helmet
    Black peaked cap, black three quarter length coat, black slacks and deck shoes.
    White low neck high waisted Empress Josephine gown, white powdered pompadour wig with flower decorations, and necklace
    White woollen trouser suit with matching woollen hat, pearl earrings and fawn sling back shoes
Black peaked cap, black three quarter length coat, black slacks and deck shoes
    The girl uses an extraordinary amount of make up, has extraordinarily long eyelashes.
    A very trendy young woman, both in fashion sense and in trendy products, the Mary Quant powder compact for example.
   Likes wearing jewellery, pearl earrings, gold bracelets, gold watch and a gold ring
The girl is ecstatic when her father tells her that she will be taking over Bond Street!
   Here then is a girl of the swinging sixties, but also a deadly assassin, or murderess, depending on how you look at it.
   She is a beautiful, dominant and liberated woman, probably a good sports car racer too.
  She shows complete loyalty and is utterly devoted to her father, yet is frustrated by her fathers hurried and fumbling attempt to pack his files into a number of brief cases.
   She is definitely not a girl to be trusted, she says that she has just realised that she doesn’t want to kill Mr X anymore. If she did, what would she be left with?
  Together they would have a wonderful life, Mr X would be a constant challenge to her….. as each day she would dream up new ways in which to kill her lover!!!
  She flatters him, saying that all her life she has been looking for a worthy opponent.
She mocks his male pride, when trying to lure him into firing range from the bell tower.
   The girl probably sees it all as a battle of the sexes.
   She has an amazing wardrobe of clothes, with her slim figure she could easily have   been a model, she certainly made an excellent manikin in the clothes shop window!
   Perhaps a little vein, but then a girl must always look her best!
   Her mothers name was Josephine who died in a cavalry charge.
    She calls Mr X her lover, for her the moment of death is synonymous with the mating ritual, as she tells Mr X that she is going to do him the honour of letting him die superbly. So that when the girl tells Mr X ‘I love you madly, and I love the way your hair curls on the back of your neck, you’ll make a beautiful corpse’.
So the girl is going to love him to DEATH!
She is an able helicopter pilot.
   The girl is a very competent driver, as she handle her ‘E’ type Jaguar in the car chase. As an assassin/killer she knows how to use a multitude of different weaponry.
She is a born killer, and most ingenious when devising her exploding cricket balls!
Has a kind of magic at her finger tips!
    She relishes a challenge and is then up to that daily challenge.
    The girl leads Mr X a merry dance, from the cricket match to his local pub, from there to Benny’s Turkish Baths and onto Barneys boxing booth, through the tunnel of love to the Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick Makers of Witchwood.
Witchwood is the girls killing ground, to which many of her adversaries had been lured to their deaths.
Deadlier than the male the girl maybe, but in Mr X she has finally met her match.
Number 10 , assistant to Number 2 who dresses differently to that of the character of the girl, all in black but does wear the same jewellery.
This is the second time we see the Number 10 issued, previously issued to the woman posing as a friend of Cobb’s.
   She sees it is a defeat for her superior, and sympathising with him, saying that it was worth a try. But at the same time possibly indicating that is probably was her idea in the first place.
    She seems very casual about it all, as she stands leaning against the penny farthing bicycle. But then she doesn’t have to pay the price for failure!

Number 6
Attire three quarter length raincoat, cream flat cap, two piece charcoal grey suit, blue shirt, gold tie and suede shoes and carrying a black furled umbrella
    Cricket whites, yellow and brown stripped cap and gloves and pads, with a false moustache and side burns
    Dog tooth coat, two piece charcoal grey suit, white frilled shirt and black tie, false moustache and side burns, with deer stalker hat, black boots, dark glasses and black furled umbrella
Napoleonic French military coat and tricorn hat
    The prisoner opens the village story book and begins to tell a story, it begins at a typical English scene at a typical village cricket match.
Colonel Hawke-Englishe is murdered.
    The Prisoner meets his contact man Potter.
   Then is instructed by his chief to take over from where the Colonel left off, one run short of his century!
  Cricket can be added to the prisoners list sporting prowess.
He wears the standard disguise and is representative of Sherlock Holmes.
    The story is basically a fantasy, told both for the benefit of the children in the nursery and for those who maybe watching and listening.
    But is the story pure fantasy? After all there is the Colonel, a direct superior to the Prisoner in his former life. And of course there is potter, his contact man.
    He goes to the Magnum Record Store, where he receive his instructions via a record, given to him by an assistant, after he has give him the appropriate sign.
Receiving instructions is most reminiscent of Mr Briggs of the IMF, when he would gain his instructions via record.
    He has technical ability to reverse the firing actions of the rifles, and to reverse the explosiveness of the German stick grenades.
    He is a very resourceful man, sometimes lucky, but a man who lives by his wits.
    He has a head for heights.
    He thinks nothing of scaling down the outside of the lighthouse.
    He is a fully trained agent with a great deal of in the field experience.
     Which department does he work for, British Intelligence Naval Intelligence, NATO security or maybe M9 with connections to ‘World Travel’.
     He has a local pub {hotel and restaurant}, the Mops and Broom {not The Hope and Anchor}
    His ‘usual’ is a pint of Mild.
We witness once again how precise the prisoner does things, this being one of his mannerism’s, as he carefully lines up the row of glasses after he has drunk their contents in turn.
   He is an able boxer, orthodox {right handed}.
   But he also has his sensitive side, as he seems to get on with children very well indeed.
   He has a sense of humour and a quick wit, which he demonstrates on many an occasion.
   Mr X is quite an apt name for the prisoner, whose name as yet we still do not know!
   He is an adept survivor, quick and agile.
   The Prisoner is a skilful driver, as he pursues the girl along the duel carriage way and along deserted country lanes.
    Mr X is a match for the girl any day of the week, but he knows not to trust a word she tells him, for were he to do so, the prisoner would spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder and defending himself against the girl’s constant challenges to his life.
   The Prisoner is not the type of man who would submit to a woman.
   He can drive a Caterpillar tractor, used to the handle controls instead of a steering wheel.
    Adept at sabotage work, or knowing enough to turn dials and twiddle knobs and switches to sabotage the rocket.
    How much contact there had been between number 6 and number 2 prior to this latest attempt to make him give something away is not clear, but contact there was, certainly enough for number 6 to put number 2 in his story as the villain who he had to beat.
In telling a blessed fairy tale, he does not drop his guard with children. And probably wouldn’t drop his guard with his own grandmother. But then the prisoner knew that someone would be watching and listening, didn’t he.

Boys and Girls in the Nursery
All three aged about eight years.
One boy with red hair, other boy and girl with dark brown hair
All three English speaking
    So who exactly are these children, and why have we not seen them before?
Perhaps because we have not seen into the nursery before!
As for the presence of a nursery and children in the village, you should not be at all surprised, after all the citizens are only human after all.
You may recall that the maid number 66 on the day of the prisoner’s arrival told him that she could not remember her parents.
And there are other citizens who were probably born in the village, Alison and Monique.
The nursery is of course a nursery to a private house and not of the hospital, there would only be the labour ward.

   Footnote: Characters not included include Potter, Colonel Hawke-Englishe, Killer Kaminiski, the barmaid Doris, because they do not exist and are but characters in Number 6’s fairytale. I was again pushing it by adding the character of Professor Schnipps, Mister X, and the Girl who was death.

Next time Once Upon A Time
Be seeing you

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