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Tuesday 25 September 2012

The Art Seminar by our own reporter

    Soon after her arrival here in the Village, Madam Professor began to organise "Art Seminars," well this reporter decided to go and see what all the fuss was about. But low and behold I was not the only familiar face there, why, No.6 was attending this art seminar!
   Quite a likeness, wouldn't you say? It seems that as an artist No.6 is a bit of a dab-hand! But there seems to be another familiar face at the seminar, the figure sitting on the edge of the pool, with his back turned towards my photographic colleagues camera lens, just behind the man whose asleep, and in the top photograph as well. Isn't that No.14, the chess champion of Checkmate?
   But I digress for the moment. We are here to find out what this art seminar is all about. First I asked No.6 why he was here. "I don't know" was his reply. Madam Professor suggested that he might be finding things a bit strange, to which No.6 responded with "That's the trouble, I can't find anything at all!"
    So with No.6 not being able to find anything, I asked Madam Professor "What are people looking for here?" Madam Professor looked around her garden "What do you think he's doing?" I looked at the man tearing up a book. "Tearing up a book!" I replied. "He's creating a fresh concept. Creation arises out of destruction" Madam Professor told me. "Well what about the young woman standing on her head over there?" Madam looked to where I was pointing. "She's developing a new perspective." "Really. And him?" Oh, he's asleep. The mind learns only when it wants to. Not at set times" Madame explained.
   Does your husband believe that Madam?" I asked "It's self evident surely" was her clever answer. Finally I asked Madam Professor what her subject is. "Modern art, what's yours?" Well apart from a pint in the "Cat & Mouse", I'm one of these newspaper reporters who goes about sticking their nose in other peoples business!
    I came away from the art seminar with the feeling that I had learned absolutely nothing. It matters not one tinkers jot whether of not the man tearing up a book is creating a fresh concept or not. All he's doing is destroying a reasonably good book! And as for all that girls time standing on her head, the world will still remain the same, but upside down! Nothing will change for all their efforts, and if things don't change, they will remain the same!

Your own reporter
Photographs by No.113b

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