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Saturday 29 September 2012

It's Inexplicable!

   The way in which No.42, a young woman, in the Prisoner episode A Change of Mind, who appears to be in a permanent state of depression, always in tears. Who is quickly brought out of her depression and able to take an active, and aggressive role on the Ladies Sub-appeal Committee! Her rehabilitation has been quite remarkable, if not inexplicable!

    That No.6 should know that the head of the Professor lying quietly asleep in his bed, was actually a bust, and not in fact the Professor at all. I mean he took a terrible risk if he had got it wrong. I have often wondered what had made No.6 so suspicious in the first place, so as to bring that walking stick down on the Professor's head like that. And you see, even after these 45 years, there are still things in 'the Prisoner' which will forever remain unanswered.
    Madame Professor, she seemed as surprised as anyone to see No.6 bring that walking stick down upon her husbands head, only to discover that it was made from some form of plastic or resin. And seeing Madam Professor's surprise, would be an indication that she had not in fact made that bust of her husbands head. Yet No.2 remarks that No.6 has made a bit of a mess of her masterpiece. I have wondered in the past whether or not it was Madam Professor who had acutually made that bust of her husband, due to her apparent, shock, surpirse and puzzlement. But that could of course be because of the destruction of her masterpiece. And if Madam Professor had not made the bust of her husband, why should No.2 say that she did?


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