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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Madam Engadine Sees All

    Libra {Sep14-Oct23} - Today you will meet with a tall stranger. But beware, he may not be as he seems. You must think before you act.

Scorpio {Oct24-Nov22} - This is not a good day for you. Retirement seems attractive, but is that how it will really be? You know it won't.

Sgittarius {Nov23-Dec21} - They are right of course, quite right. But are you so inadequate, that you confess so easily?

Capricorn {Dec22-Jan20} - Wipe away the tears. There are those who can help, and through their help, there is progress.

Aquarius {Jan21-Feb19} - As not for whom the bell tolls, the curfew bell tolls for all. as night draws on to a beautiful day, and a lovely tomorrow.

Pisces {Feb20-Mar20} - You have been given a second bite of the apple. Don't waste it, otherwise the like of yourself will never be seen in the village again.

Aries {Mar21-Apr20} - To come here and serve the village is one thing. But to die for it is another matter. Think about the actions you are about to take.

Taurus {Apr21-May21} - You'd really like to dust someone down. In fact you'd really enjoy it. But be careful you are not on the end of a dunking.

Gemini May22-Jun21} - If you are looking for love, make sure you have the right man. He might be handsome, he might be manly. But does he love you?

Cancer {Jun22-Jul23} - You are not what you appear to be. Are you a woman to be trusted? One can only hope that you can sleep at night.

Leo {Jul24-Aug23} - It's easy to ask questions, but answers are harder to come by. It all depends on which side you are on, and how stubborn you can be.

Virgo {Aug24-Sp23} - To have been brought here because of your husband is one thing. To learn of his indiscretions is another. Well it's enough to drive you over the edge, or out through the window.


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