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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Village Observation

    After the act of sabotage which the observers fail to notice, Number 12 feigns telling Number 6 that the deliberate destruction of official property is a most serious offence and that he must recommend the full penalty. It could be imprisonment, it could be a fine, Number 6 takes the fine. Well imprisonment could only mean solitary confinement, as Number 6 was already in a prison of a sort. So it might have been solitary confinement, which I’m sure Number 6 would have enjoyed!
    The Number 12 once issued to Number 6 in ‘The Schizoid Man’, is now the Number 12 issued to a young
man who works in administration, who has been with us, to use Number 12’s own words “Quite a long time sir"
So some time has passed between 'The Schizoid Man' and 'The General,' and Curtis lies in the graveyard.
    Number 28-the Supervisor announces from the confines of the control room;
    “All units orange alert, orange alert. All units, all posts orange alert, orange alert.”
    This because the Professor is trying to flee the village along the beach, where incidentally he deposits his tape
 recorder with the message that the General must be destroyed, and discovered by Number 6.
    So the orange alert is for the Professor and possibly to warn all units and all posts that the amorphous white membranic mass of the Village Guardian has been released from its containment area somewhere on the seabed,
and that they should be on the alert. However it is a curious fact that even though an Orange Alert had been
issued by the Supervisor in the Control Room, the Village Guardian did not put in any kind of appearance.
    The watchmaker-Number 51 is a man of principle, he has lived in this prison of the village for a very long
time, everyone is here for life, yet he has never met anyone here who has committed a crime. He sees the death
of Number 2 as an assassination and not murder, perhaps it is what they need, the citizens, to shake them out
of their lethargy, to make them angry enough to fight. When it comes to relationships in the Village we see for
 the first time father and daughter linked by numbers, Monique-Number 50 and her father-Number 51, his
wife was probably 49 or 52.

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