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Friday 14 September 2012

Information and Observation

    For your delectation and interpretation. You know I really do believe No.6 would have been much better off with flint axe and chisel rather than "Doing as the caveman did!" for his task of chopping down that tree, clearing it of its branches, and carving out the hull of that boat from the trunk. After all cave men did not use stone implements for chopping, cutting and scraping. Cavemen used napped flints!
    Sabotage, here in the village, what have things come to? And for a change No.6 is not who is at the bottom of it, but that No.12 of administration. It was he who deliberately sabotaged the electrics of 6 private, yet to suit both their purposes the blame was laid firmly at the feet of No.6. He was offered the possibility of imprisonment or a fine, No.6 said he would take the fine, to pay nothing. As was the fine of 20 credits units issued by the judge in the embryo room of ‘Once Upon A Time’ for speeding. "20 credit units, nothing." This rather than face solitary confinement, as he is already in one kind of prison!
    Have you observed how both the Butler and the observer-No.240 in ‘Dance of the Dead’ wear their capes inside out? True they do, the brown lining on the outside and the colourful stripes on the inside. Perhaps its a question of not wanting to look ridiculous, or worse this action being construed as a clear act of defiance to be different. After all the Butler is one, who like No.6, does not wear his penny farthing numbered badge of identification. And No.240 does protest against the sentencing of No.6 at his trial of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ "It's the rules my dear" No.2 tells Little Bo Peep-No.240. But what are they, has anyone ever seen these rules?
    In ‘Free For All’ it is No.6's predictability that sees him "run for electoral office," they knew what they were doing in having those placards prepared printed Vote for No.6 and those of No.6's face upon them in time for the election. Of course the village administration knew No.6 could not refuse to take up No.2's challenge, just as the Labour Exchange manager knew that once No.6 had been elected he would try and instigate a mass breakout. It was No.6's own predictability that was his own undoing here!
    Having viewed both ‘The Schizoid Man’ and ‘The General’ many times previously, I had observed that when No.6 pulls up the left sleeve of his blazer to show the mole which he hasn't got, that the stainless steel strap of his wrist watch is already open! this I found very strange, to be wearing a wrist watch with the strap undone. And No.2 in 'The General’ puts his sun glasses on over his spectacles! I thought this cannot be right, No.2 must surely take off his spectacles before donning the sunglasses. However having gained the Prisoner on DVD I was able to put an end to such mystery, as a frame by frame the viewing of this scene shows that No.2 does put his large safety glasses over his ordinary spectacles. Jus in the same way that when No.6 reveals that he also has a mole on his right wrist, the stainless steel wrist band of his watch is already undone in ‘The Schizoid Man. Close surveillance of the DVD revealed that No.6 did in fact unclip the stainless steel strap of his wrist watch. It is a frame you do not see when viewing it normally, and I was wrong about No.2 taking off his spectacles in The General, he does put his sun glasses on over his spectacles. And where there is a frame of film missing, you will find, in some of the end credits to the Prisoner episodes an incomplete canopied penny farthing bicycle! I leave it to you to spot which they are, if you have not already long since done so that is.
    What a man No.2 is of Checkmate, sitting crossed legged on the floor of his office, attired in judo outfit and a length of balsa wood placed on two blocks in front of him. "Kaaa!" And No.2 splits the balsa wood with one swift blow of the side of a hand, very impressive!
    How well do you know your alphabet? Poor old No.6, his mind housed in the body of the Colonel, and remember it is supposed to be the mind of No.6 and not that of the Colonel, nor actor Nigel Stock! In Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling No.6 has retrieved the photographic slides from the photographic shop, and after returning home, he closes the blinds and prepares to find the location of Seltzman through a number of slides. The number of the slides corresponds with the letters of SELTZMAN, the number of each letter of the alphabet 19, 5, 12, 20, 26, 13, 1, 14 No.6 calculates on one hand. This action has often been ridiculed by some people, but could you do better, I don't think I could, because I just had to write down the letters of the alphabet to make the same calculation as No.6! Mind you agents of No.6's calibre who deal with codes and ciphers are supposed to know, its all part of their training.
    You know it rarely rains here in the village, the sky is blue, hardly a cloud to be seen. Yet there are warnings of intermittent showers later in the day. And if you greet a citizen with "Beautiful day" you get "Showers later" in response. The only time it does actually rain and a thunder and lightening storm with it, well to my knowledge, is during ‘A B & C’ when the slumbering No.6 is being taken to that secret laboratory somewhere deep in the woods.
    No.6 is a smoker, something frowned upon in these modern times. In the Schizoid Man we learn that No.6 enjoys his own brand of cigar, that he has "Black Russian" cigarettes to hand. John Drake was a smoker, of both cigars and cigarettes, yet the only time we actually see No.6 smoking is during his spell in jail in the episode of ‘Living In Harmony,’ having been put into "protective custody!" No.6 whilst lying on his bunk in his cell, rolls himself a cigarette using a  liquorice paper. He lights the cigarette with a match and smokes it. It is the first and last time we see No.6 smoking, he coughed on the cigar in The Schizoid Man because the cigar was rigged with a piece of plastic running inside its length, and that would make anybody cough!
    As a footnote to this, we can see by No.6's nicotine stained fingers that he is a frequent smoker, possibly even a "chain smoker."
   And that's it this time around readers, time for me to go and have my elevenses at ten!
     Take care, and remember to keep 'em peeled, remain alert and vigilant at all times, just as No.2 would have it.

Be seeing you

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