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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Thought For The Day

   It has always been something of  a puzzlement as to how Number 6 knew that it wasn't the Professor lying in that bed. I mean to say Number 6 picked up that walking stick before he entered the bedroom, he must have had a plan as to what he was going to do with that walking stick, so what was it in the hallway that first raised his suspiscions?
   And I have written about this before, who or what is Madam professor screaming over as Number 6 brings that walking stick down on the head lying on the pillow, her husband, or that of her masterpiece about to be smashed by Number 6?

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  1. When the Prisoner unraveled all the busts, has there been one of the professor? If not it might have irritated Number Six - why are there so many busts, even on of himself, but none of the beloved husband? (But of course it could simply stand in another room.)

    The other thing - perhaps he estimated that after the hunting at the beach the professor should be in the hospital, maybe under constant surveillance, but not at home.

    But why did the woman scream? ... if it was for her masterpiece, would she have stopped when it was destroyed? But, if she thought Number Six would smash her husband, and then recognized her mistake -

    Kind regards!

    1. Hello Jana,

      That's a fair point, there is no bust of the Professor. Perhaps Madam Professor was too busy creating her masterpiece which Number 6 smashed with the walkingstick!

      And you make another fair point about the Professor and the subterfuge of him being at home, when he was in the hospital undergoing treatment there. But if that's the case, who was Number 2 trying to fool, not the Professor's wife surely, Number 6 then, but why? Number 2 wasn't to know that Number 6 would gain entry into the Professor's house. Unless it was simply done on the off-chance!

      The one thing about Madam Professor is, and I had not considered this when I wrote the Thought For The Day, that after Madam Professor does stop screaming, she seems as confused about her husband not being in the bed! Only Number 2 and Number 6 are not confused. The doctor is there simply to do his job!

      Kind regards
      Be seeing you