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Wednesday 12 September 2012

The Trivia.....The Trivia...of The Prisoner

    In ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ No.6 places the remnants of his ham sandwich into the box once containing the cuckoo clock. In the shot from within the box, No.6's ham sandwich remnant has become more of a sandwich with only a couple of bites taken out of it!
    The book which Alison has in her cottage is ‘The Mind Reader.’
    Both thumbprints seen on the screen in No.2's office of ‘The Schizoid Man’ as both No.6's try to prove their identity, are identical! That cannot be, nor even for identical twins it cannot be. So has science here been perverted, or is Curtis wearing a thin latex thumbprint of No.6's?
    During his time at the hairdressers, No.6 has his hair style and colour changed by three very attractive female hairdressers. The question here is, was No.6's hair dyed back to its original colour, or was the black dye simply washed out of his hair?
    No.6 was given the password 'Gemini' this so that No.2 would be able to tell the two apart, No.6's that is. But this is merely a hangover from the change of blazer from the original script, as both No.6 should have been wearing identical blazers.
    When No.6 is punched to the ground outside the recreation hall by Curtis-No.6 in ‘The Schizoid Man.’ No.6 gets to his feet without any stain on his blazer, this when the ground can be clearly seen to be wet and sandy.
    The reason for Danvers being behind the desk when No.6 in the guise of the Colonel bursts in during the episode of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ Is because, George Markstein, the man who originally sat behind that very same desk in the opening sequence and in ‘Many Happy Returns’ had left the series after a disagreement with McGoohan.
    As the series goes on, more and more reliance is placed on painted back-drops of Portmeirion, stock footage of Portmeirion and less and less of the Italianate village itself.
    M.S. Polotska's original name was Dab II, and later renamed Breda.
    Leo Mckern had a nervous breakdown after Once Upon A Time, and did not want to work with that man McGoohan again!
    Not everyone who worked on the Prisoner series, both production crew and cast members, did not enjoy the experience.
    When asked about his role in the Prisoner actor Victor Madden couldn't remember doing the brass band leader scene with Patrick Cargill! "Was I in the Prisoner?" he couldn't remember.

  Trivia it might be, but there is nothing more important that trivia!
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