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Saturday 12 January 2013

Caught On Camera

McGoohan "Who the hell left that there?"
Butler "I'll have it removed immediately sir."
"Just a minute."
"Yes sir."
"Do you think you could ride this bicycle?"
"Ah, no sir. My little legs won't reach the pedals sir."
"Well I can't ride it, not in this wrap-over skirt."
"Indeed sir. Most fetching."
"You trying to be funny?
"No sir. But it might be a laugh to get that Kanner chap to ride the bicycle sir. He seems to be of the opinion, and telling people that he's been as involved as much as you with the Prisoner."
"Getting too big for his boots is he?"
"You could say that sir."
"Bring him down a peg or two, is that the idea."
"Indeed sir."
"Hey you Kanner, over here!"

    It was during the press conference of 1967 that Alexis Kanner mounted this penny farthing bicycle, and almost instantly fell off. True, true. It's as true as the bicycle I'm on now! And Patrick McGoohan turned into a quick change artist. Seen here in his Kosho garb, but later in his cowboy outfit of ‘Living In Harmony.’ Guess he couldn't make up his mind what to wear!


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