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Tuesday 15 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

Personal Column.................
..................... And Here Is A Message For No.6.

    I asked No.113 why he sent such a message. No.113 told me that he hadn't written any such message! Well I know No.113, and if he said he didn't write the message for No.6, then he didn't write it! I told that to No.2, No.2 I said, No.113 told me he didn't write this message to No.6 and I believe him.......... "Of course he didn't write it you blithering idiot! No.113 wrote it!" But No.2, No.113 told me he didn't write it, so how could........ "No.113 was an old woman in a wheelchair - she died a month ago!" That would explain it then. "Explain what?" Why we've read nothing in the tally Ho from No.113 recently! "Oh get out, get out!"

   Iwonder if the wine in those partly finished drinks seen on the tables of the cafe in ‘The General’ is non-alcoholic?..... I should hazard a guess it is.
    The Prisoner built his own lotus 7, he told Mrs. Butterworth as much at the door of his own home in Many Happy Returns, after asking her the number of the car and engine number, KAR 120C and 461034TZ. He knows every nut, bolt and cog, he built it with his own hands. Well No.6 doesn't seem to have quite got that 'Kit' building out of his system, well certainly not by The Chimes of Big Ben he hadn't. Because he builds his own 'kit boat' but with the help of No.8-Nadia. Mind you, as they put to see in that Coracle, it looks like it wouldn't make 30 feet let alone 30 miles!
    No.2 tells us that the Professor gave birth to the General, that he loves it with a passionate love, and probably hates it even more. But the Professor tells us that he didn't think that it was possible for a 3 year course to be learned in three minutes, not until that is, when he was introduced to the General! Now come, which was it?
    That doctor looking after the Professor seems a bit wet behind the ears if you were to ask me. Looking after nothing more than a dummy. And his wife, when No.6 brought that walking stick down upon what was assumed to be the Professor's head, why did she cry out? She must have known that her husband, the Professor, was not actually lying in that bed. So when she cried out, was it for her husband, or for the fact that No.6 was about to destroy her best work? One to think about, wouldn't you say?
   I wonder what happened after ‘The General,’ yes I know, the Village was deserted as No.6 woke up that morning of Many Happy Returns. But I mean directly after The General, because the experiment of Speedlearn would have been brought to a very untimely end due to the destruction of the General. Mind you, the village did have other computers, possibly not as powerful as the General. But then again, there is also the death of the Professor to take into account, a man more difficult to replace than the General. A man who was trusted, a kindly man and the face of Speedlearn. A face when you see it on the television screen during one of his lectures, is somewhat symbolic of the face behind 'Big Brother.'
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