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Sunday 27 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

   Since his arrival here in the village, No.6 has tried to escape, and has poked his nose in where it's not wanted more time than I care to remember. But he's not been alone you know, far from it. There are those Jammers, people who used to make up plots of escape, generally to make mischief in order to confuse the observers.
   Then there are those individuals who have worked against the village, and those who said they would, if they were given a second chance! Like No.12, and No.24, to name but two, and Monique-No.50 who worked with No.6 to put a stop to an assassination plot against No.2, makes three! And of course more citizens resist more than you might think, otherwise there would be no need for aversion therapy. There would be no unmutuals in the village, and therefore no need for "Instant Social Conversion!"
   Just because the village gives off an almost holiday resort atmosphere, doesn't mean that everyone is happy here. This is not Shangri-la, this is the Village!

    No.6 wore his numbered badge twice. Once as he was leaving the hospital on the morning after his arrival here in the Village, a badge which incidentally he took off the lapel of his blazer and tossed into the back of the taxi. The second occasion was when he impersonated No.12-Curtis.
   But No.6 isn't the only citizen seen not to wear his or indeed her numbered badge. The Professor here is one, along with his wife Madam Professor, I never can figure out how they were never forced to wear their badges. And another is the Butler, who said he lost it. But I believe he, like No.6, threw it away! And finally the doctor in Arrival, he doesn't wear a numbered badge either! I don't know how they are allowed to get away with it? Mind you, even though No.6 doesn't wear his numbered badge, everyone in the village appears to know who he is!

   The Village is a self-contained unit of your society, but is it so self-Sufficient? I mean how do they get here the milk, ice cream? the potatoes, and the aspirin?
     We enjoy all of the usual amenities here in the Village, water which means there is a large reservoir, electricity - means a modest power station, gas - by pipeline, there's a sewage plant close by, and a land-fill site for all the rubbish generated by the community here. We also have a farm which produces all the fresh vegetables we need, milk, cheese, cream, butter, and of course meat.
   What we don't have is a factory, a factory which produces all the tinned "Village Food," that is canned some place else, given the "Village Food" label and then shipped out here to the village. The same goes for record labels, Village Film, Village Cooking Oil, and packets of Village Needles, clothes, deck shoes, umbrellas, etc, etc, as well as No.2, all of which are imported. As for our exports, of which my fellow reporter wrote once "Will cover every corner of the globe," well what exports? The Village doesn’t actually produce anything, except information. I suppose there's always a market for that.
   So you see, the Village maybe a self-contained unit, but it is far from being self-sufficient, and needs exterior support from the homeland, wherever that maybe.

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