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Thursday 10 January 2013

Whose That On The Telephono?

    "Number Two here."
    "You're behind schedule"
    "Yes, well what put us behind was the girl's hesitancy, as you know she took a long time making up her mind to see him...."

    "You're using that as an excuse, and don't pull a face like that man!"
    "Well I had hoped catching up, but Number Six flatly refused to have anything to do with her....and that caused another delay..."
   "Look for gods sake man stop pulling faces. Look you're doing it again, get a grip!"

   "Well perhaps if we could replace him with someone more attractable, less suspicious..."
   "You know full well why we selected number Six, and if you pull a face like that again, if the wind changes it will stop like that!"
   "Well I, I realise that sir. The reason why we selected Number Six, a matter of credibility, without which the plan might backfire."

    "Well it's up to you to make this plan work you know, because your future may very well depend upon it's success or failure. Your not Number Two yet you know. Now stop pulling silly faces and get on with it! Find a way to make Number Six interested!"
   "Indeed I will sir, as you say, I must find a way to make him interested."
   "Well get on with it man, and stop taking off and putting on those spectacles of yours. It's bad enough you look like that Thunderbirds Puppet Alan Tracy, but to be labelled the most irritating man in the Village as well!"


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