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Monday 28 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

   It has been observed that the Butler, wears his gloves all the time, both outdoor and indoor alike. Indeed there are only two occasions upon which the Butler does not wear his gloves. One being during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ when he is setting out the tea things upon a table in No.2's office. The second occasion is when during that episode ‘The Schizoid Man,’ The Butler is giving No.2 a massage. This is also the only time when we see the Butler in a state of undress.

   What follows is another extract from an interview with the late Frank Maher, stunt double for Patrick McGoohan, and stunt arranger on the Prisoner.
   Q: How did the Penny Farthing bike come about? It appears on all the props, badges and so on.
Frank Maher: Well, at the time the bike turned up it was pulled out of the props truck at Portmeirion and put to one side. A lot of Welsh extras were around, goggling at all these funny things that were being pulled out. Anyway, this Penny Farthing was leaned up against something, and Pat came up and said "Right Stuntman - ride it!"
   So, I tried riding it and nearly broke my neck! Anyway, there was a little guy who'd been watching  -must have been seventy if he was a day - and he said "Excuse me, do you mind if I rode it?" And he made an idiot of me because he walked over to a tree, leant the bike against it, climbed up - which I hadn't thought of, sat on the bike and merrily went on his way.
   Pat loved it and got him to ride around the village on it as part of the background. Now I don't personally agree with the ideas of symbolism connected with the bike, I love it as a logo, but "Symbolic of Progress" and so on... no, not for me.

In the episode Living In Harmony, the Prisoner, in the guise of a Sheriff, hands in both his badge and gun. Then later as the Judge tries to coerce the Man with no name to work for him, the stranger adamantly refuses to wear a gun.
During a fencing bout in Once Upon A Time, the protective tip of the fencing foil comes off and at that point No.2 orders No.6 to kill. Yet No.6 cannot kill, and only injures No.2 in the shoulder.
However to say that No.6 cannot kill cannot be right, for during the violent and bloody revolution, alright you don't actually see any blood, you have to imagine that, the Prisoner quite openly kills, blazing away with his machine gun. Yet have you noticed at the end, that the only village personel killed in that "fire fight," are the armed security guards. And so neatly put in one pile!

    It was a very important day for the Prisoner, he was getting ready to meet Chambers, soon to become “late” of the Foreign Office. Chambers was presumably about to either resign, or defect, and the Prisoner was hoping to change his mind before the “Big boys” found out. So the Prisoner waited and waited but he never turned up. “A nice guy Chambers and so talkative!” So we can gauge from this that Chambers, who was to meet with the Prisoner on this particular morning, was actually abducted to The Village sometime before that meeting was due to take place, that’s why Chambers never turned up, “they” got to Chambers first.  But I’m surprised that No.6 never got to meet with Chambers in The Village. After all the Prisoner met with two other old colleagues, that of Cobb on the same hospital ward in Arrival, and later with Roland Walter
Be seeing you, but not Chambers.....obviously.

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