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Thursday 24 January 2013

Village Day - Summary

    Village Day has it's faults, it has it's critics, although it has it's fans too. I produced the film and I am proud of my work, although that's not to say I cannot see what is wrong with 'Village Day.' I was never very happy with the finished product, I am the film's biggest critic.
   However the film is what it is, and despite all the problems and frustrations I encountered along the way, there were times when I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I also picked up a few skills, and learned something about film-making, and about human nature!
   I was also proud, for at the time I was staunch member of Six of One I was producing something for the society, but with the help of many many people. At the outset of the film project I had in excess of 60 people who wanted to help with the film, many of whom brought a variety of skills with them. But of course in any process there is a natural wastage, and so as people dropped out of the project for whatever reason, I was left with a production crew of about 12 people who I could rely on.
    When the idea of making a film was first put to me, the idea was for me to play the Prisoner. So I thought fine, just wait while someone writes the script, I'll learn my lines, and act the role of the Prisoner. Never did I envisage that the entire project would fall upon my shoulders. When all is said and done, I think working on 'Village Day' was well worth it. It brought many people together from Six of One, and gave many a purpose within the society. And I like to think that everyone who was involved got something out of the experience. For myself, it gave me some small understanding of how things must have been for Patrick McGoohan while he was working on 'the Prisoner.' I was relieved when it was all over. An old friend of mine said will you be making another film? I said not on your life. And do you know what....I didn't, one film was quite enough for me!
  I hope the film has given people pleasure over the years, I know it has for some. And certainly someone has seen the value in the film, because of the number of unauthorised copies there are out there on DVD. I only produced the film on video. One day, when I've nothing better to do, my time these days is all accounted for, I intend to produce a Directors cut, and edit the film together how I had originally envisaged it to be. When that will ever happen I don't know, because I've been saying that for the past 3 or so years and have not got around to doing it yet. Mind you it's been some time since I've watched the film myself, perhaps it's time I did. And do you know, 'Village Day' is the only film produced for Six of One which has never been screend at a 'Prisoner' Convention, want to know why? well it's like this............................

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