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Wednesday 16 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

Information And Observations

    Hello dear readers, for that is what you are, each and everyone of you. In the Village there are several modes of transport, the Alouette helicopter and Mini Mokes you know. The Penny Farthing bicycle, as familiar as it is, is never seen to be ridden in the village, unlike the RWS {shopper} bicycle - complete with added canopy - very popular they are, and three wheeled Tricycles are popular for those over a certain age. Garden tractors are used for a verity of work, and Whisp mopeds can be seen being ridden by men in wet suits in the evacuation in ‘Fall Out.’
    Of all the 17 episodes of the Prisoner, ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ seems to be only a half-hearted attempt to secure the reason behind the Prisoners resignation.
    The Professors wife was brought to the village simple to be a tool used by No.2 in order for her to keep her husband-the Professor alive. They are both essential, the one for the other, she'll talk her husband into anything just to keep him alive!
    The Village has it's own credit card system. the first credit card in America was the CLUB CARD. In Great Britain it was the Barclay Card.
    There is no church in the village. No Chapel, Synagogue, or Mosque. It also  follows no Vicar, Priest, Rector, or any such religious leader of any kind, or of any denomination. So it would seem that any citizen of any religious belief , and faith would pray in the solitude of their own home.
   There is no-one to perform a marriage ceremony, that would have to be a civil marriage ceremony. And it follows that there would be no priest to preside over a funeral in the village, just someone to say a few words over the grave perhaps. A graveyard with no church, how unusual is that?
    The pair of electronic pistols used in the gymnasium by No.6 and No.12, are actually air pistols.
    The 'L' shaped telephones maybe cordless and mobile. But the technology still requires a telepone operator to connect you "Number please?" asks the operator. "Haven't got a number!" the Prisoner replies. "No number, no call" the operator replies, and hangs up.
    It was assumed that in some scenes when No.6 is seen wearing a piped blazer with broken piping at the lapel of his blazer, and later with unbroken piping, that this was an error in continuity. But why shouldn't No.6 have two blazers, one on and one at the dry cleaners!
    Fotheringay was not at school with No.6, as he had claimed to be. Nor was the actor Richard Wattis at school with Patrick McGoohan.
    The village may not appear to be uniform orientated at first glance. But I assure you that it is. Just look at the gardeners, painters, electricians, and mechanics. No.2 is another example, as so are the doctors, and medical staff. Not to mention the members of the Town Council, the Committee members, and Top-Hat Administration Officials.
   Yet there are those who try to show individualistic tendencies, as No.2 in Free For All in his choice of jacket. The way both the Butler, and No.240-the observer in dance of the Dead both wear their colourful striped cape inside out! Oh and the new No.2 of Arrival, as he is the only No.2 to wear a black blazer with piping, instead of the regular single or double breasted plain black blazer.

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