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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Quote For The Day

  ""You've destroyed yourself....a character're afraid of your masters. A weak link in the chain of command.... waiting to be broken."

   Poor old No.2 I always feel sorry for him. It has been thought that the end of 'Hammer Into Anvil' was the perfect time for No.6 to escape, or at least speak to No.1. the question asked why didn't No.6 report No.2 to his superior? Well somehow I don't think No.1 would speak to No.6. SecondlyNo.1 must have known what was happening, how No.2 was handling things. Remember that telephone call during the interview with No.6.

    "Number 2..... Yes sir. Yes sir..... yes sir everything's under control..... No sir. No problems....Assitance?.... No, no sir, I can manage........ Yes sir of seeing you"

   Although we only hear one side of that telephone conversation, I think it is quite obvious that No.1 has concerns over No.2's ability. Why No.1 did not intervene further I don't know. Perhaps No.1 could see the weakness in No.2 for himself, and thought it a fair test of No.6's abilityto break the man!

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