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Saturday 19 January 2013

Pictorial PRIS6NER

   In 'Schizoid' there is a Six double, his other-self who is described as being two times six, there he is attacking Six in a warehouse. The question is which Six is Six?
   Unlike the former No.6 in 'The Schizoid Man,' there is no mole on his left wrist, no bruised fingernail. No, Six is given a cut on his left cheek so that the television viewer can distinguish between the two Six's.
  However is two times Six a figment of Six subconscious? Because although in close-ups we see the two Six's struggling against each other, in long shots there is only Six struggling against himself!
   And yet Six has seen his doppleganger two times six in the street, he's chased after the man, witnessed him with a knife against Two's throat in a church because Six wants to kill Two! And from a window in one of the twin towers of the Summakor building, Six looks down into a street, he sees two times Six standing on a street corner.
  Six bangs on the window in order to try and attract two times Six's attention. But then a bus passes by, and the next second two times Six has gone! So is two times Six physically real? Has he simply been conjured up in Six subconscious? Or has Helen/M2 conjured up two times Six in her own subconscious, this to torment Six? If two times Six is physically real, where did he disappear to?

"See how the sun makes it all glow. The kind of day that makes you feel good to be alive."
                                 {Two - Arrival}

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