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Tuesday 29 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

   Living In Harmony smacks of pacifism, is that why the Sheriff handed in both his badge and gun? After all that's partly the reason given by Number 6, that he died for "peace, peace of mind." So perhaps the Sheriff handed in his badge and gun, because he was tired of having to kill, or perhaps more to the point, in having to put his life on the line everyday. Because being as fast on the draw as he was, there would always be some young gunslinger in trying to make a reputation for himself, would put himself up against the Sheriff. And as you get older, the slower on the draw you become. So it's a good reason to hand in your badge and gun when your ahead.

   There are certain difference between the actual episode of 'A Change of Mind' and what the original script called for. For example, when Number 6 sits down outside the Old People's Home, in the script Number 6 asks for a grapefruit juice and the waiter responds angrily "Closed! Closed to unmutuals!" And the waiter continues "I, I shall complain! Complain to the committee!"
    It is Number 6's relationship with Number 86 that the most radical changes are made. Roger Parkes' script includes a number if instances of mild flirtation between the characters which, with one exception are expunged completely.

    Exhibitions like the Arts an Crafts is very important to the community, citizens can demonstrate their various skills in painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture, and various Arts and Crafts skills. But sadly many of the Village citizens fail to show any imagination with their chosen subject, as many chose No.2 as their subject. In my opinion its a bit creepy-crawly for so many citizens to choose No.2 as their preferred subject, even the General with his hand carved chess set made No.2 one of the kings!  Yet there are one or two individuals, one carved a monolith in granite, while No.6 carved something abstract in wood.
   The awards Committee wasn't too sure what it was, although it is seen to be "highly original," and it took "Our very own Epstein" to explain his work which No.6 entitled "Escape." "It means what it is, this piece. What does it represent to you?" A church door is the reply. "Right first time. Now this other piece here, the same general lines, somewhat more abstract as you'll notice, representing freedom, or a barrier depending on how you look at it... The barriers down the door is open, you're free, free to go, free to escape, to escape to this... symbol of human aspirations... Knowledge, freedom, escape." But surely No.6 was making up as he went along surely. A demonstration of very quick thinking by No.6.

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