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Thursday 17 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

    And so it is that we reach the end of this particular series of winners and losers within the 17 episode ordeal of the Prisoner with ‘Fall Out.’ The winners here are No.48, Sir, and the ex-No.2. The losers here are those members of the Assembly, and the village and it's entire community as a whole, seeing as the place was evacuated! Many of the village citizens wouldn't know what to do outside the village. Who for example would look after the old folk, or those who have been medically experimented on?
   As for Sir, well he wasn't a winner either really, as he was just as much a prisoner at the end as he was at the beginning, being trapped in that vicious circle of his! The ex-No.2 returned to another kind of village, the political village of Westminster, when he returned to the Houses of Parliament. And as for No.48, well he's probably still out there somewhere along the A20, still trying to thumb a lift!
   No-one really wins in Fall Out, it simply begins all over again, or is in fact where it all actually begins!

   “Slippers" said the doctor on the ocassion of the Prisoner medical.
"My size?" the Prisoner enquired.
"Naturally" replied the doctor.

   Well they would be wouldn't they, and used ones at that! They couldn't even find the Prisoner a new pair of slippers, given someone’s old cast-offs he was. Or was he, I shouldn’t wonder if this pair of used slippers were not McGoohan's own! Much in the same way that I shouldn’t wonder that the pair of spectacles No.6 found in the breast pocket of the white coat he wore in the episode Dance of the Dead, were not also McGoohan's own spectacles.
  If not, then a special pair would have had to be found, if not made, with the lenses as plain glass so that he could see properly. But if McGoohan were to have worn his own spectacles, that would have made sense. No messing about and saving both time and money at the same time.

Television Within The Prisoner
    In The Village, television is a two-way communication media, as in Free For All, when No.2 is invited to come to Mohommed! And again towards the end of Checkmate when No.2 faces No.6 with the fact that he has only himself to blame for the failed escape plan.
    Television is also a tool for a mass educational experiment in ‘The General,’ a way of keeping an eye on No.6 during the ‘Dance of the Dead’. And during the episode of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’, we discover that the Prisoner uses the television set itself to hide a wall safe!

It was stated by No.6 in the episode 'Many Happy Returns' that the Village newspaper is issued daily at noon. Yet on the morning of 'It's Your Funeral,' No.6 buys a copy of The tally Ho at 10:20am!
   Also in It's Your Funeral, after No.2 says "You're referring to jamming," No.6 replies "Ah, jamming," without moving his lips!
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