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Sunday 13 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

Number 34
   I am of the opinion that No.34 was a plant, sent to infiltrate the Village, that the body found on the beach that morning in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ was No.34, who had been under surveillance by observer-No.240, who had got to know No.34, but who didn't know her!
    But why did No.34 die? It's possible he was drowned in the water, possibly by the Village Guardian. But I shouldn't think that No.34 was listening to his raido at the time of any such attack, because the radio would have been lost. No.6, you will recall, found the radio in it's waterproof pouch in the dead man's pocket. How No.34 was able to smuggle such a transister radio into The Village in the first place, is unknown. But perhaps they had a man working in Administration!
   Certainly I believe the radio meassage listened to by No.6, was really meant for No.34, but he was dead by that time, a message which he would not have liked to have received. Apparently the appointment could not be fulfilled, that there were more important things to do that night. It seems to me that No.34 had been "hung out to dry" by his own people, that they would not be coming for him! I wonder how No.34 felt about that?
   This is in much the same way in which John Drake managed to infiltrate Colony Three behind the Iron Curtain. This to find out where so many people had been disappearing to. People with specialist knowledge, or expertise, who were recruited to Colony Three, who once there, cease to exist. But luckily for John Drake, his people had an agent in Section 1!

   The Prisoner series is riddled with continuity errors, one being No.8's badge on set in the woods during 'The Chimes of Big Ben.' When No.8 is with No.6 in the kitchen of his cottage, No.8's badge is correctly positioned pinned to her pink jersey. Yet by the time No.8 arrives on set in the woods, the badge is upside down!

Point of Observation
   Have you observed how in the episode ‘Once Upon A time’ both the rocking horse and the swing move of their own accord, but not so the see-saw, now that would be spooky, going up and down with no-one on either end! But then so do all the coat-hangers in that cloakroom at the beginning of Fall Out!!!!!!! But why do they do that? No doubt there's no hidden meaning in the multiple moving coat-hangers, just something surreal done for effect in my opinion. But believe me, there have been those fans, who in the dim and distant past of Prisoner appreciation, who have wondered what the meaning could be! And before you ask, no, I was not amongst their number.

    In ‘A Change of Mind’ - Number 6 Likes To Keep Himself Fit For Any Contingency.
   If it wasn't for these two hoodlums, coming back to have their revenge on No.6 for their first beating in the woods. Because only a few moments previous, No.6 was unable to hit the punch bag, and he really struggled at the start of that fist fight. But as the fight went on No.6's aggression and adrenaline flowed, and it is this which helped stem the effects of the tranquilliser drug Mytol. And thereby turning the tables on No.2!
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