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Thursday 24 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

    Having viewed both ‘The Schizoid Man’ and ‘The General’ many times previously, I had observed that when No.6 pulls up the left sleeve of his blazer to show the mole which he hasn't got, that the stainless steel strap of his wrist watch is already open! this I found very strange, to be wearing a wrist watch with the strap undone. And No.2 in The General puts his sun glasses on over his spectacles! I thought this cannot be right, No.2 must surely take off his spectacles before donning the sunglasses. However having gained the Prisoner on DVD I was able to put an end to such mystery, as a frame by frame the viewing of this scene in The Schizoid Man on DVD revealed that No.6 did in fact unclip the stainless steel strap of his wrist watch. It is a frame you do not see when viewing it normally, and I was wrong about No.2 taking off his spectacles in The General, he does put his sun glasses on over his spectacles. And where there is a frame of film missing, you will find, in some of the end credits to the Prisoner episodes an incomplete canopied penny farthing bicycle! I leave it to you to spot which they are, if you have not already long since done so that is.
    What a man No.2 is of ‘Checkmate,’ sitting crossed legged on the floor of hisoffice, attired in judo outfit and a length of balsa wood placed on two blocks in front of him. "Kaaa!" And No.2 splits the balsa wood with one swift blow of the side of a hand, very impressive!
    How well do you know your alphabet? Poor old No.6, his mind housed in the body of the Colonel, and remember it is supposed to be the mind of No.6 and not that of the Colonel, nor actor Nigel Stock! In ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ No.6 has retrieved the photographic slides from the photographic shop, and after returning home, he closes the blinds and prepares to find the location of Seltzman through a number of slides. The number of the slides corresponds with the letters of SELTZMAN, the number of each letter of the alphabet 19, 5, 12, 20, 26, 13, 1, 14 No.6 calculates on one hand. This action has often been ridiculed by some people, but could you do better, I don't think I could, because I just had to write down the letters of the alphabet to make the same calculation as No.6! Mind you agents of No.6's calibre who deal with codes and ciphers are supposed to know, its all part of their training.

   Sonia's powder compact was designed by Mary Quant, well the flower on it was.
   I cannot but help feel that there should be some symbolic meaning behind the way No.6 puts that toy clown in the way of the camera as he leaves the nursery in ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ but for the life of me I cannot figure what that might be.

    It was asked how the helicopter pilot knew how to bring No.6 back to the Village in ‘The Schizoid Man?. Simply because No.2 had told him to. Watch again as they approach the helicopter. As No.6 goes to speak to Alison, No.2 says "Excuse me..." and calls the pilot to one side.
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