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Saturday 19 January 2013

Tonight On The Video Channel

  'Shinda Shima,' the second episode to be screened during the two week break in the screening of 'the Prisoner' which took place 45 years ago in January 1968.
    Although Drake has dispensed with the Tokyo connection in 'Koroshi,' his brief is now to infiltrate the heart of the murder cult itself.
   The trail leads Drake to the sinister 'Shinda Shima {the murdered island} where he is ordered to carry out a murder by the sadistic Controller of the ancient brotherhood.
    Drake must now save his intended victim and destroy both the island and the organisation before his cover is blown.
   Last week surprisingly, 'Koroshi' was not quite as bad as I remember it {it being a while since I last watched the episode} and perhaps 'Shinda Shima' will prove to be the same. Perhaps some of you have watched the two episode of 'Koroshi' and 'Shinda Shima' as a 'Danger Man' feature film
   I'm obliged.

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