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Friday 18 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

That’s Me Standing Over there! by our own reporter

    This is a continuation of exposes into the darker side of the Villlage, with the case of ‘The Schizoid Man!’
   Number 6 has his sleep deepened for him. He is drugged by two doctors, and removed from his comfortable cottage of 6 private. For over a month No.6 is kept drugged in an alien environment, as doctors work together on the conditioning of No.6. This in the form of conditioning No.6 into being left handed, instead of right. To make him believe that his favourite dish is flapjacks, and to smoke black Russian cigarettes, and not those of his favourite brand of cigar.
   More than this, No.6's hair has been restyled, and he's grown a moustache - apparently over night - according to the date on the Tally Ho and that of his day-date calendar, all of which throws No.6 into a state of confusion - you want to watch that - No.6 is right handed, as No.2 tosses his file to him.
   Then No.12 has a make over by two attractive hairdressers. No.12's hair is dyed, or should that the black dye washed out? And his moustache shaved off - and now you wouldn't know yourself, would you No.6? I certainly wouldn't have known No.6, had it not been for the fact that No.6 is wearing his usual black blazer with white piping, rather than the negative one, otherwise it wouldn't bear thinking about.
   No.2 tells No.6, that when it all begins even he will not be able to tell them apart. Well he's having a laugh isn't he? So No.6 is given the password GEMINI, No.12 is THE SCHIZOID MAN.
   I suppose as things go here in the village, this conditioning wasn't too bad, and could have been worse, judging by how easily No.6 was able to reverse that conditioning by use of a short circuiting table lamp back in his cottage.

Your own reporter
Photograph from the Department of Visual Records

Poor old No.6, pictured here having just taken another beating! But for a change it's not him we are concerning ourselves with here, it's the green poster on the notice board. CONCERT of folk music to be given in the CONCERT HALL. So the Village enjoys a Concert Hall as well as a Recreation Hall, unless both are one and the same.
   We have witnessed the Exhibition of Arts & Crafts during The Chimes of Big Ben, to be followed by a brand new painting competition - the subject of which is Seascapes! And although we didn't actually see it, the Village Festival was mentioned in ‘The Schizoid Man’ by Alison-No.24.And again, here during ‘The Schizoid Man’ we read a poster on the notice board of a folk music concert, to which tickets are still available.
   But if that was not enough for the culturally inclined citizen, there is a poster on the same notice board in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ which advertises an Exhibition of Mime & Entertainment.” It would appear that the Village Administration do their very best to keep the citizens entertained!

Be seeing you

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