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Saturday 26 January 2013

Who's That On The Telephono?

No.261 "Calling Electrics Control."
Supervisor-No.28 "Electrics Control?"
"Ah Electrics Control. I need a two stroke D replacement."
""Who is this?"
"Electrics Control?"
"Ah good. I have one of your electricians on the phone."
"Yes I know, it's me!"
"Who am I speaking to?"
"Electrics Control?"
"Ah, we must have got cut off for a moment. As I was saying I've got one of your electricians on the telephone....."
"Yes it's me!"
"Look who are you?"I want Electronics Control."
"Ah at last. I need a two stroke D replacement."
"What's one of those?"
"Well.... it's a lightbulb!"
"Well why don't you just say you need a new lightbulb?"
"Well it sounds more technical. I also need you to switch in the temporary reserve to 6 private."
"What for a blown lightbulb, you want Electrics Control. Who do you think I am the telephone Operator?"
"Hello Operator, can you put me through to Electrics Control?"
"Supervisor here, I'm on yellow."
"Supervisor I'm on yellow."
"I'm not the Supervisor!"
"I know you're not."
"Then why say I was?"
"I wasn't saying, I was telling. Who am I speaking to?"
"Number 261, I'm at Number Six's."
"Are you on his telephone?"
"No, I'm on a grey head-set."
"Well what is it you want?"
"I've already told you, I want Electrics Control."
"Hello Electrics Control at last. Look I've been talking to baldy the Supervisor for the last five minutes. I need a........"
"You're still talking to Baldy the Supervisor, and when you get that two stroke D replacement you know what you can do with it...."
"What's that?"
"You can stick it up your jumper!"
"Thank god for that. I thought you were going to say stick it up your......"
"Whatever makes you happy! I'll have you put through to Electrics Control."
"Ah Electrics Control.........."

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