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Wednesday 23 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

    You know I really do believe No.6 would have been much better off with flint axe and chisel rather than "Doing as the caveman did!" for his task of chopping down that tree, clearing it of its branches, and carving out the hull of that boat from the trunk. After all cave men did not use stone implements for chopping, cutting and scraping. Cavemen used napped flints!
    Sabotage, here in the village, what have things come to? And for a change No.6 is not who is at the bottom of it, but that No.12 of administration. It was he who deliberately sabotaged the electrics of 6 private, yet to suit both their purposes the blame was laid firmly at the feet of No.6. He was offered the possibility of imprisonment or a fine, No.6 said he would take the fine, to pay nothing. As was the fine of 20 credits units issued by the judge in the embryo room of ‘Once Upon A Time’ for speeding. "20 credit units, nothing." This rather than face solitary confinement, as he is already in one kind of prison!
    Have you observed how both the Butler and the observer-No.240 in ‘Dance of the Dead’ wear their capes inside out? True they do, the brown lining on the outside and the colourful stripes on the inside. Perhaps its a question of not wanting to look ridiculous, or worse this action being construed as a clear act of defiance to be different. After all the Butler is one, who like No.6, does not wear his penny farthing numbered badge of identification. And No.240 does protest against the sentencing of No.6 at his trial of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ "It's the rules my dear" No.2 tells Little Bo Peep-No.240. But what are they, has anyone ever seen these rules?
    In ‘Free For Al’l it is No.6's predictability that sees him "run for electoral office," they knew what they were doing in having those placards prepared printed Vote for No.6 and those of No.6's face upon them in time for the election. Of course the village administration knew No.6 could not refuse to take up No.2's challenge, just as the Labour Exchange manager knew that once No.6 had been elected he would try and instigate a mass breakout. It was No.6's own predictability that was his own undoing here!

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