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Thursday 31 January 2013

What's That Number 6 Up To?

    Number 6's wrist watch had stopped, so he went along to the watchmakers shop, where he met with a white haired gentleman No.51, and his daughter No.50. No.6 was asked to leave his watch having been told that it would be ready tomorrow. So thinking the Watchmaker is a man of his word, he left his wrist watch for repair. Now he has called back.
Ting-a-ling-ling sounds the shop bell.
No.6 "Look I brought my watch in here three days ago, and you said it would be ready tomorrow!"
No.51-the Watchmaker "And so it will be, tomorrow."
"But this is the day after tomorrow!"
"Then all I can say is, that you are two days early."
"How do you make that out?"
"Look, Give me your watch and I'll have it ready tomorrow."
"But you already have my watch!"
"Then it will be ready tomorrow."
"Look...... You seem vaguely familiar. You're not Profesor Seltzman are you?"
"Never mind. Just make sure that my wrist watch is repaired tomorrow."
"Tomorrow sir?"
"Yes tomorrow. What is the matter with you?"
"But tomorrow will be today."
"I'm sorry....How can tomorrow be today?"
"When it arrives tomorrow will be today."
"What about yesterday?"
"Oh yesterdays gone!"
"Then tomorrow never comes, because it's always today!"
"Now you understand."
"And we are always in the present."
"Can it be otherwise?"
"Then we could spend the rest of our lives standing here having this conversation, and my watch would never be repaired!"
"A fascinating thesis."
No.50-the Watchmakers daughter "Oh father just repair the gentleman's watch!"
"Oh alright, just let me get on with my work. Must get on with my work. Your watch will be ready tomorrow!"

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