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Sunday 20 January 2013

The Therapy Zone

    There have been numerous magazines and newsletters produced on the subject of the Prisoner over the past 30 years. Camera Obscura, Number Six, In The Village, The Green Dome, The Penny Farthing, Free For All, Orbit 48, Alert, Spokes, Le Rodeur, Chimes, Once Upon A Time, the Globe, P.M. Magazine, Escape, The Tally Ho {in various guises} to name but a few and the majority of which have long since ceased to exist.
   There are two Admirals in Arrival and they both have the same No....66.
   There are few if any animals in the village, a few cows in the field next to the hospital, and No.2's cat of ‘Dance of the Dead’ which first appeared in Many Happy Returns.
    No.6 is a cat lover, this is demonstrated when during ‘Dance Of The Dead’ the cat was asleep on his bed and No.6 chose not to disturb it when wanting to go to bed. Instead he chose to lie on the recliner.
    The Joaquin exhibition is soon to come to Harmony, so too the Bishop!
    The effigy of the Prisoner in that cloak room in Fall Out is made from papier-mâché.
    By the time of Fall Out the Prisoner is still himself, just as was during Dance Of The Dead in fact.
    Why the telepinter in ‘Dance Of The Dead,’ this by which No.2 receives her instructions. Not by telephone then as with her predecessors?
    The Village Mercury can be seen on sale at one of the kiosks.
    Many Happy Returns No.6 could have simply set light to his cottage, then sat back and waited for developments!
   Roland Walter Dutton probably thought his old colleague had killed the body in the water. Dutton had been in the village about a couple of months, but its difficult to say. Yet No.6 had never seen him until their meeting at the cave.
    "How long have you been here?" No.6 asks.
    "You don't know?" Dutton replies.
    "Would I ask?"
    This suggests two things, firstly that Roland Walter Dutton was surprised to see his old colleague in the village "You of all people." Secondly that Dutton thought No.6 might have had something to do with his being brought to the village. And thirdly that Dutton was been hospitalised soon after his arrival here in the Village. That would justify the reason why it was difficult for Dutton to say exactly how long he had been in the village.
    The reason behind No.6's resignation doesn't seem to matter anymore by the time of ‘Fall Out,’ probably because they think they have their man!
    No.2 had been told the reason behind No.6's resignation during ‘Once Upon A Time’. But it seems that he was either not listening, or the reason given simply wasn't good enough for him, or not what he wanted to hear. "Why did you resign?"     "You've been told!"
    Had No.2 listened, well the out come of ‘Once Upon A Time’ might very well have been quite different!

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