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Monday 24 February 2014

A Favourite Scene In THEPRIS6NER

    “Look, see how the sun makes it all glow…..The kind of day that makes you glad to be alive.”
    “Why are you keeping me here?”
    “I see no locked doors.”
   “They were after me.”
   “Ooh, sounds terribly ominous.”
   “Why am I here? This is nothing to do with me, any of this. I’ve seen you before.”
   “Really. What were you doing in the mountains…Six?”
   “What? I…I was….err lost. I mean I have no idea how I got here…What did you call me? Look something’s wrong here”
   “Yes, you are wrong Six.”
    “Do not call me that, I’m not Six.”
    “Show me your ID papers.”
   “I don’t have any papers.”
   Feeling in a pocket the Prisoner produces an identity card with his picture on it.
   “Well you just put them there.”
   “You were seen in the mountains. What have you done with Ninety-three?”
   “I don’t know anything about Ninety-three.”
   “Where is the old man?”
   “You can’t do this to me. I don’t care who you are…. do you hear me.”
   The Prisoner brings his open palm down on Two’s desk, slightly upsetting Two’s cup in its saucer.
    “Now I want to get back to New York.”
    “That’s not possible. There is no New York. There is only the Village!”

   The above takes place in ‘Arrival’ when the Prisoner is brought into Two’s office, sat in a wheelchair. This is one of those homages paid to the original series, when No.6 is brought into No.2’s office sat in a wheelchair in ‘Once Upon A Time.’
    The Prisoner may not be as forceful as his predecessor, but then the character isn’t meant to be, and the way the Prisoner brings his fist down onto Two’s desk is seen as something less strong, seeing as the Prisoner doesn’t completely upset two’s cup and saucer, unlike that in the original series. But then the Prisoner doesn’t bring his fist down on the desk, it’s an open hand!
    When Six said he wanted to get back to New York, and Two replied that’s not possible. There is no New York, there is only the Village. Seeing as the Village is in the desert, originally I thought that perhaps there had been a nuclear holocaust, and that the Village was perhaps populated by survivors of a nuclear war. And the scenes I saw of Michael in New York, merely memories.

Village is best for us
Be seeing you

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  1. “Why am I hear?"