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Monday 24 February 2014

ROVER – the Village Guardian

    Is it male or female, or both? How does it reproduce, if it is capable of reproduction. If it isn’t, then this would suggest that the Village Guardian is a single membranic organism, that doesn’t in fact reproduce, but divides and replicates itself either within its containment in much the same way as an organism, or whenever a segment of the host cell is released beyond its containment. In this case, the membranic matter of the Village Guardian, cannot only divide and replicate itself, but also it is capable of absorbing itself back into the host.
   Autonomous reproduction is ruled out, as there can only be passive replication by the machinery of the host. This in turn can only be brought about by the apparatus of the governing body, in this case, the Supervisor and the mechanics of containment. In this sense similar to inanimate matter.

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