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Sunday 23 February 2014

Page 6

    You may not realise this, but in our experience of the Village, as far as we know, No.6 is the only prisoner who didn't give up any of the secret information inside his head. In fact when the attempt was made to extract any such information, the files he had seen, all the projects he had heard of, headings not details, this by using his ex-colleague Dutton as a medium, No.6 appeared to have an in-built safety device preventing him from giving such information. "You must not ask me that." He would rather die first!
   No matter that the Prisoner-No.6 had resigned his job. What is more important is, that in his previous life the Prisoner had signed the "official secrets act," and this still meant a great deal to him. And because of that no amount of coercion, conditioning of the mind, drugs, or trickery will make the Prisoner give anything away, thus breaking the official secrets act...he is still loyal.

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