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Saturday 22 February 2014

Feb 22nd

   Today is the first day at sea for No.6. I cannot possibly imagine how he is feeling at this time. There was possibly the feeling if elation as he put to sea, along with some apprehension after having out to sea, all on his own. And yet No.6 will have realised what is he has to face, but the desire to escape the Village outweighs the dangers at sea.
  Certainly he's a resiliant man our No.6. he makes himself a compass using a jar, a round of cork, pencil, and two lengths of wood with indistinguisable markings on them.
   He keeps a rudimentary log, not too sure about the presence of a roll of Village film.

   And No.6 likes to maintain standards by shaving, but I promise you that will not last long, shaving with cold water, and being bobbed about by the waves. Besides when one is in isolation as the Prisoner is at this time, sooner or later the question of personal hygiene no longer comes into question!
   Tonight when you are sitting comfortably at home watching television, having a meal perhaps, spare a thought for No.6, as he's far from comfortable out there, all alone in the dark at sea.

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