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Monday 10 February 2014

Feb 10th

    It's Feb 10th, and No.6 is helping No.24 with her mind reading act in time for the Village Festival. The question was asked several years ago now, how does No.6 know he can trust the date on his day-date calendar? Well perhaps No.6 had been keeping a calendar since the day of his arrival in the Village! Anyway the date is confirmed on the copy of The Tally Ho in No.2's office, but then that's simply to confirm to No.6 that it's Feb 10th, when in fact it's more than a month on! Other than that, for the television viewer can be sure of the date because it is confirmed by the date on the medical report sheet on the clipboard attached to No.6's bed, as pictured below.
   If the date Feb 10th, was wrong they would hardly date the medical report Feb 11th. No.6 having been abducted from his home in the early hours of Feb 11th, after having drunk his dugged night cap of hot chocolate. The doctor checks the mug just to make sure it has been drunk. And just to make sure, No.2 had ordered that No.6's sleep to be deepened. They haven't written mole on left wrist under physical marks!

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